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Friday, May 11, 2012

Flaunting over at Tootsie's Place

I made it through my second hip injection so far, so good.  I won't really know the degree of pain relief for about a week or more.  I will add, I am not as sore the day after as I was last time...that has to be a plus!

Dwarf Canna Lily and I should have some pink ones soon.  I love the size of the dwarf ones, you can tuck them almost anywhere, containers included.
One photo of my last pendants, magnets and keychains....in process..
The Althea is beginning to start her show.  Last year she bloomed for several months.
My love-hate relationship with Four O'clocks...I can see them bloom if I go out there about 4 o'clock in the morning, sigh.
A poor ignored container of Blue Fescue grass I started from seed a couple of years ago.  Fits my style just fine.
Be still my heart!  Astilbe....this is creep year, waiting on leap year....
This Hydrangea was purchased pink in the container, no tag.  Poor girl stayed in that container for two years.  At the beginning of Spring my husband and I planted it in the garden, it has about 6 flower heads and it has remained pink..
If you want a very fast growing ground cover that thrives in hot sun and poor conditions this is the one for you.  Mimosa Pudica aka Sensitive plant.  When you touch or brush up against it's leaves thaey fold up.  I remember playing with this plant in my Mother's garden.  It is not easily yanked pulled out of the ground. Those runners have some deep stubborn roots on them.  I need to find an area all it's own..
We have finally had some rain on and off the last few days.  The temps are more seasonable.  Thank the Lord, we weren't to happy about breaking record highs in the mid 90's and triple digits already this  year.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bloomin' Tuesday...

Happy Tuesday everyone.
Please drop by http://msgreenthumbjean.blogspot.com to see other late summer blooms.

After the 3 inches of rain from Lee we are back to no rain in the forecast. It has felt a little Fallish with the humidity so low which has been nice. I know Fall is close, not by the calendar, the acorns are beginning to drop and those really fuzzy caterpillars are showing up.

Mexican Bush Sage
Anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time should know I grow the very tall variety of Celosia. I never know how the plumes will look.

I also share the seed, just leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

AND I love how the Pinecone Lily/Shampoo Lily is turning this orangey/red color, perfect timing. Does anyone know if I can cut and dry this? I know it's full of liquid....guess I could shampoo my hair with it :)


Today I am Thankful for the beginning of the season change.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Just a quick post to say we have been very busy around here...Hopefully by Monday things will return to "our" normal. I have missed ya'll! The gardens however are just full of butterflies everyday. I am happy to report that I have indeed created a "Butterfly" Garden! We did receive over 3 inches of rain from Lee and we are thankful for that as it was over a three day period.

And we have had a string of birthday's around here. AND our oldest daughter, not pictured, and her husband are in Yellowstone right now camping. Yes, we have heard the reports of the bear attacks..sigh AND one of the children below received her drivers license, so now we have 3 with operators, one with learners and one waiting in the wings....

4 of our 5 kids

We have been having nice cool mornings this week. My husband says it's a false fall....sigh I'm a itchin' to get in the gardens!! The first of Spring and the first of Fall seems to have an energizing affect on me when it comes to gardening. How about you?

Ms. Doris, come on by for your potato vine clippings.... :)


Today I am Thankful to share in the new chapters and experiences the children are walking in their lives. So young and so full of life!