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Friday, September 25, 2009


Anyone have a clue what this is? I picked up a small piece of this at the local nursery off of the floor and brought it home stuck (placed) it in some soil...it was around the Sedums..it's growing.. I took this photo of the back of my Full Sun Garden from the side porch.
Blue Daze (photo does not do it justice)
The girls call this the Island Bed..this is what our neighbors see when they drive by. There are two Blueberry Bushes at either end between this bed and the Full Sun Garden..thinking about removing the strip of grass and connect the two.......oh, I don't know...
Ragin Cajun Ruellia....still going strong.
A random shot of the Full Sun Garden.
Run on over to http://tootsietime.blogspot.com and flaunt those flowers!
Ms. Doris, look at the Angel Wing Begonia you rooted for me..

Now let the fun begin!!!
Bilbo arrived yesterday afternoon from England at http://nipitinthebud.wordpress.com This is what was written on the side of the box.
I could hear his muffled cries from inside the very hot package.
Always smiling, Bilbo took a deep breath and enjoyed the coolness of the air conditioning.
He did put up a fuss about me wanting to take more photos of him last night. So we agreed to let him relax and start the real fun today.
In the package were some neat brochures about things in England, a Buckingham Palace bookmark, and some Hedgerow Jelly. Thanks for the gifts!
I will be posting about Bilbo today thru Sunday. If you would like a chance to have Bilbo visit your gardens please leave a comment on any post today until Sunday. I will combine all comments and draw a name on Sunday afternoon. Hopefully I will be able to have mailing info exchanged and have Bilbo on his way Monday morning! GOOD LUCK!

#1) COPY & PASTE these rules into your post on Bilbo if you receive him. The post must be titled WHERE IN THE WORLD IS BILBO: (your city). If everyone copies the rules, then the person you send it to will know what to do. If each post is titled the same, we can keep track of Bilbo and follow him on his adventure. PLEASE do not forget to copy and paste these rules into your post if you receive Bilbo.
#2) In order to participate you MUST leave a comment on the post about Bilbo with the blogger that has him. That blogger will draw names from the people who left comments on that post. Once the winner is selected Bilbo will be on his way to see your garden.
#3) When you receive Bilbo please take a photo (or photos) of him in your garden as well as a photo of yourself with Bilbo.
#4) Rules are linked to http://northmobilegardensociety.blogspot.com/ . Please leave a comment on The Dirt Princess' page so she can keep track of him and let other bloggers know where Bilbo is, and post where bloggers can see his latest travel.
#5) Please try to get Bilbo out the door as quickly as you possibly can. If at all possible please try not to keep him more than 7 days. We want to get him to as many places as we can in 6 months.
#6) Bilbo will travel for 6 months, April 21, 2009- October 21, 2009. If you have Bilbo at the end of this 6 month time frame, you will ship him back to the Dirt Princess at http://northmobilegardensociety.blogspot.com/.
#7) When Bilbo arrives back with the Dirt Princess, there will be a great post letting everyone know where Bilbo has been, when he visited as well as links to the bloggers posts that had Bilbo.
#8) There will be a list enclosed with Bilbo for each blogger to sign once they receive Bilbo. That list will be sent back to the Dirt Princess.
#9) Should anyone have any questions please contact Dirt Princess at
#10) The blogger that is has possession of Bilbo is responsible for shipping him to the next blogger. Please handle him with care. He is ceramic.
#11) Bilbo may be shipped to countries outside the United States. We want everyone to join in on the fun!
#12) If you would like to throw in a little something with Bilbo to ship the next blogger, please feel free. Add to the excitement. See what Bilbo brings you when he arrives at your door step.
Have fun and DON'T forget to copy the rules into your post when you receive Bilbo.
And he's off............................


Dirt Princess said...

Ok...we are up and running! I better get some good gifts when Bilbo comes back home! Be back later on to check out the entire post.....I have to finish getting dressed to go to work.

Susie said...

Hey Darla, don't know which sedum that is. At work we look under our tables and find all kinds of plants under them. It's not unusual to find sedum since it is so easy to grow.

tina said...

He finally showed up. Way cool. Your full sun garden looks most nice. Even the grass is nice and green. I was wondering what that low grower full of buds is? Looks like yellow buds but my eyes are not what they used to be.

Carol Murdock said...

Congrats on getting a visit from Bilbo! I wish he'd drop in on us in Mississippi!

Jessica said...

So glad you have Bilbo. :) I love your full sun garden. Have a great weekend!

Patsy said...

I like your sedum find. Bilbo is just to cute.

George said...

I'm afraid I can't help with your mystery plant, but it is certainly interesting. Your garden is still looking wonderful.

Ginger said...

Yay, I'm so glad you got a turn with Bilbo! He visited me ages ago!

It's really neat that the last host sent you all those goodies!

Will be back to read the rest of your posts!

Becca's Dirt said...

I am so happy he finally arrived. I can't wait to see all the fun.

Your gardens are still looking good. Have a good day and weekend. I'm sure you will since you will be entertaining this wild and crazy Bilbo.

Gail said...

He must have been exhausted from his travels if he didn't want to pose for you!

I love Rajun Cajun, but didn't give it the attention it needed this summer and it croaked! Yours looks wonderful...did it need more water or less?


Roses and Lilacs said...

Very cute sedum but I don't recognize it. Probably one of the ones not hardy up here in this cold climate.


cherry said...

Woohoo He made it!! can't wait to see what adventures ya'll take this weekend.. Savannah is still waiting on a visit.. ya'll have fun ~hugs, Cherry

Anonymous said...

so glad he arrived safe and sound Darla. He quite enjoys travelling in his cup from Buckhingham Palace that Matron put in the box (the bookmark would be from her too, I just passed it along, perhaps it's destined for the dirt princess?). Hope you like the Hedgerow jelly - here's the recipe if you fancy making it yourself http://nipitinthebud.wordpress.com/2009/09/17/making-hedgerow-jelly/
have fun and look forward to reading all about Bilbo's next adventure, Nic x

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

So glad he finally made it there, can't wait to see his visit in your garden.
Isn't it funny how we just keep making the flower beds larger (or want to)? Didn't you just make another bed bigger? :) I think you should go for it, you seem to be able to grow anything and you'd have it full in no time.
The begonia is beautiful!

Lona said...

Bilbo has sure been around. It is a good thing he does not get air sick.;-) Cannot wait to see what you and Bilbo do on his visit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Darla~~ Would you believe my garden buddy Carol recently gave me a slip of this "sedum"? I had never seen anything like it and we both agreed the little off-shoots/babies made it very special. So, the name is Orostachys furusei, starry beige flowers in Sept-Oct., 4-8 inches tall. Sun Zone 6

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Darla, congrats on finally getting Bilbo... I loved the little note (and the FSU hat) that you sent to Bilbo's Mama... CUTE!!!!

Your sun flowerbed is gorgeous. We'll enjoy our new 'sun' flowerbed out front next spring..

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

BilboWaggins said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matron said...

Darla, I see you have been following Bilbo for quite a while, you must be thrilled that he finally arrived! So was I - hope you enjoy his stay!

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