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Friday, May 11, 2012

Flaunting over at Tootsie's Place

I made it through my second hip injection so far, so good.  I won't really know the degree of pain relief for about a week or more.  I will add, I am not as sore the day after as I was last time...that has to be a plus!

Dwarf Canna Lily and I should have some pink ones soon.  I love the size of the dwarf ones, you can tuck them almost anywhere, containers included.
One photo of my last pendants, magnets and keychains....in process..
The Althea is beginning to start her show.  Last year she bloomed for several months.
My love-hate relationship with Four O'clocks...I can see them bloom if I go out there about 4 o'clock in the morning, sigh.
A poor ignored container of Blue Fescue grass I started from seed a couple of years ago.  Fits my style just fine.
Be still my heart!  Astilbe....this is creep year, waiting on leap year....
This Hydrangea was purchased pink in the container, no tag.  Poor girl stayed in that container for two years.  At the beginning of Spring my husband and I planted it in the garden, it has about 6 flower heads and it has remained pink..
If you want a very fast growing ground cover that thrives in hot sun and poor conditions this is the one for you.  Mimosa Pudica aka Sensitive plant.  When you touch or brush up against it's leaves thaey fold up.  I remember playing with this plant in my Mother's garden.  It is not easily yanked pulled out of the ground. Those runners have some deep stubborn roots on them.  I need to find an area all it's own..
We have finally had some rain on and off the last few days.  The temps are more seasonable.  Thank the Lord, we weren't to happy about breaking record highs in the mid 90's and triple digits already this  year.