Worry is like a rocking chair, it's gives you something to do but gets you nowhere!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some Homes Have It All!

Some kids just know how to have fun! Dinner is ready..(santa hat?)
This house has it all!!
A broom made from bamboo leaves.
High tech construction.
The house...
The gym.
Outdoor seating..
Lookout tower..(that's our home in the back left)

Swing..(and someone to push you)
more outdoor seating..
a bridge..
and trees to climb!

Today I am Thankful that our girls enjoy being outside!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fertilizer Friday at Tootsie's!!

Okay Tootsie I finally posted your banner....whooooo hooooo!! It's time to flaunt those flowers...inside or out over at http://tootsietime.blogspot.com/

See how beautiful the sun is shining on my flowers? Just finished spreading sheets in the garden because of the frost we are expecting tonight..

Re: last post---yeah the washing machine arrived and it works just fine........BUT LOOK!
The compost also arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (never mind the snotty neighbor's house)

Today I am Thankful for the little things in life that mean soooo much!! :)

An Exciting Day!!!

Oh just potting up some seedlings...waiting on our new washing machine to arrive and...
A truck load of COMPOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Header Challenge--

I have posted this a couple of hours early , so please come back later and visit everyone .

This weeks Header Challenge Theme "See That Birdie" was chosen by http://thefishingguy.blogspot.com/ ..I have had so much fun watching this male Eastern Bluebird fight with himself on the side of my son's truck and on the side of my car. He did this for over 5 hours on Friday, was back on Saturday and Sunday.Please visit the fishing guy, http://imac-photosfromthemindseye.blogspot.com/ , http://womtig.blogspot.com/ , http://meandering-martha.blogspot.com/ and http://beestonblog.blogspot.com/ don't forget to leave a comment!

If you think this side mirror is dirty now, you should have seen it when the Bluebird was finished fighting with it. Not to mention all of the bird poo on the side of the truck and car...

**Weather update** we may not reach 50 today with a chance of rain.... Going to be a cold weekend


Today I am Thankful for the laughter of my children.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Found Some Blooms...

My husband and I found some blooms yesterday..
Today I am thankful for and amazed by what can come out of a seed!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend and Potassium Update..

We actually made it into the 70's this weekend. Great gardening weather. I spent Friday and most of Saturday removing sod to expand my full sun garden. I also planted the Dahlias- Spectacle and Sky Angel, moved some grasses, pruned the Double Knock-out Roses, moved two other rose bushes, planted the Columbine from Rain Gardener, cut back the Sheffield Pink Mums, well you get the picture...As I type we have a thunderstorm moving in and then of course some cooler weather behind it.

I purchased a new Sedum..."Variegata" Sedum lineare
The blooms around here are scarce, but the birds are plentiful.
It was January 16th that I had the little episode of my heart rate reaching 243 beats per minute to find that my potassium was low, 3.1, normal range is 3.5 to 5. something. Anything in the 2 point range is dangerous.
I took potassium supplements for one month, now my potassium is 5.0 YIPPEE!!
I'll stop taking the potassium for one month, and have more labs to see if I am retaining the potassium.
Continued prayers are welcome..
Today I am Thankful for a new day!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Got Mail!!

Well just looky what came in the mail for me today. I won a giveaway over at Alice Grace's http://hartdolls.blogspot.com/ and I also received some seeds from Becca over at http://beccasgardenspot.blogspot.com/ Thank you, Thank you, Thank you both!!
Today I am Thankful for the generous bloggers I have met

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Results of The Great Backyard Bird Count..for Catherine

This post is for Catherine over at http://agardenerinprogress.blogspot.com/ I have my camera set on kids and pets.....

1 Eurasian Collared Dove
4 Red bellied Woodpecker
11 Carolina Chickadee
6 Turkey Vulture (Buzzard)
1 Tufted Titmouse
4 White-breasted Nuthatch
2 Pine Warbler
33 Chipping Sparrow (I'm sure this number is low)
10 Song Sparrow
10 Northern Cardinal
1 House Finch
10 Red-winged Blackbird
70 Brown-headed Cowbird (I know this number is low)
7 American Goldfinch
5 Eastern Phoebe
2 Mourning Dove
1 Downy Woodpecker
1 Red-shouldered Hawk
5 Eastern Bluebird

Thank you Catherine for introducing me to the Backyard Bird Count. My husband and I really enjoyed looking for birds around our yard..We have always had a lot, now we are learning how to feed to attract certain birds...you can view the birds that I captured in my older posts.
Don't forget our weekly Header Challenge this afternoon..theme 'Cinema'...
Please visit (sorry Tom-Ass) http://womtig.blogspot.com/ , http://thefishingguy.blogspot.com/ , http://imac-photosfromthemindseye.blogspot.com/ , http://beestonblog.blogspot.com/ and http://meandering-martha.blogspot.com/ and leave your honest opinions.


Today I am Thankful for the Internet as a learning tool.

Birds and Foliage Follow Up..

What an exciting end to The Great Backyard Bird Count.

..In the afternoon we had no less than 5 Eastern Bluebirds at a time in our back yard.
We only have one nesting box..until later today that is...

Hawk landed in the tree right outside of our backyard fence...we own the property outside of the fence as well. Fenced area is for the pool.

I am participating in Foliage Follow-up over at Pam's http://www.penick.net/digging/?p=6340
Coral Reef Sedum to the right of the frog, Jewel Leaf Sedum to the left. Angelina Sedum in the left foreground.
Coral Reef and Angelina Sedum
Sempervivum Black
Coral Reef Sedum
Fine Gold Leaf Stonecrop Sedum hybrid


Today I am Thankful for the beautiful birds that I have seen this past weekend.