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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fertilizer Friday

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The girls and I have being playing catch-up in the gardens. Several weeks of not working in the gardens, they can really get out of hand. We pulled up Four O'clocks, cut back Glads and Crocosmia. Really need to do something different in here....
Painted this little plant stand, wrapped the volunteer Potato Vine around it for now.
Painted this table to match our chairs, Rex Begonia in the center.
Pulled up Impatiens to the right, where all the fresh mulch is. They were getting way too much sun. Gotta do something different here too.
Painted another chair, actually there are three of them now red.
I thought this color Vinca was never going to show up in the gardens this year, thankfully it did.
I have these unknown name Liles opening, this one is leaning into the tipsy planter.
See it on the left side? I knew I wasn't going to take good care of my tipsy planter this summer due to the surgery. So, I let a BES Vine grow in the third container and I just kept wrapping it around. It should start blooming soon. Oh, I see one bloom bottom left.
Here are a few more of the Lilies mentioned above.

The Celosia is quite tall, close to 7 feet I betcha'. One never knows what it will look like.
A couple of you should be receiving seeds in the mail today or tomorrow!!
Ah and look at all the seed pods on the Cleome...
Heat warnings out today....Heat Index upwards of 110...be careful out there...fluids and frequent rests.
The dreadful heat sure did make for a pretty sky last evening.


Today I am Thankful for all of the help my girls have given me in the gardens and with decent attitudes!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Header Challenge

Oldest Medium Kid and I worked in the gardens all day today. Ran in to do this post and then I'm headed back outside. Remember the Spider/Airplane plants ya'll helped me ID?

My gardens are growing pretty well considering the heat, humidity and neglect. BUT, every now and again I have to bring in the big guns! That's how my gardens grow....

Please visit the other team members listed in my sidebar to see how their gardens grow.
Today I am Thankful for this weekly challenge...!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bloomin' Tuesday...

Drop by http://msgreenthumbjean.blogspot.com to see what other gardeners have blooming today.

Double Althea--Rose of Sharon
BES Vine
Double Knock Out Roses
Grandpa Ott's Morning Glory
Dusty and Susan


African Marigold
Hosta, Coleus, Alyssum and Impatiens
Zinnias, Joseph's Coat Amaranthus to the left in front of the Mexican Bush Sage.
Susans popped up in the Alyssum
Still have some Dahlias blooming
Dracaena, Ornamental Potato Vine, Sunpatiens and Joseph's Coat Amaranthus...Amaranthus will turn more yellow and red the more sun it receives like in the photo with the Zinnias.

More heat on the way today. It was 78 degrees at 6 a.m. this morning, the heat index has been between 104 and 110. I am still not able to garden like I want to and many of my plants have been neglected. My arm is improving, although I am still not allowed to pick up anything with my left hand and I have to continue to wear the wrist brace. I say all that to say this, I am learning which plants are determined to live in my gardens despite the heat and some neglect.


Today I am Thankful for those plants, really!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Know this Cat ? & Devastated Hibiscus....

Saturday my husband says, "Look at the size of that worm on the Banana Peppers!"
He had done some serious damage to the foliage and now was working on the pepper itself. You can see his head through the pepper here. I plucked the stem he was on and took some photos. I then cut some more stems, placed in a jar of water and put them in the butterfly cage to see what he is going to turn into. Any idea?

Luna Moth maybe?
I have been watching the Hibiscus in this garden at one end of our driveway. My first thought last evening was skeletal remains...sigh. Talk about bones in the garden!
I have sprayed those pesky worms, plucked them off as a gently as I could and SQUASHED them on the pavement. In the end, I and the Hibiscus plants were devastated.

Should I just cut them all the way to the ground or pull them up?


Today I am Thankful for all things in nature, although I don't always like them. There must be a reason for them.

Friday, July 23, 2010

FF and Plant ID Please...

It's time to join Tootsie and all of her friends at http://tootsietime.blogspot.com for Fertilizing and Flaunting Flowers and Plants.
First of all our neighbor brought us a bag of ? Some type of Spider Lily.?...he says it's taking over his garden bed like a ground cover. I know it's not the Walking Iris like I have.
The flowers are fairly insignificant.
Would probably make a nice hanging container....any ideas as to it's name?
Now to the Flaunting....sort of...
BES Vine
Monarda with Rudbeckia
Amaranthus Joseph's Coat--see all the bug bites it has, grrr.
New to me this year is the Lord Baltimore Hibiscus...
Malva Zebrina is starting to give a good show...Thanks again Tootsie!
Randomness...garden hoses barely get rolled up this time of the year.
Jacobina has been slow this year.
A rooted Variegated Hydrangea from Ms. Doris Three Doors Down. I love the solid white of the foliage here.
'Fairy Coral Red' Abutilon is quickly gaining my affection. These photos do not do it justice at all. Full to Part Sun, 1 - 2', Blooms Spring until Fall and likes to dry between watering.
Zones 7b - 11

Have a beautiful Friday!


Today I am Thankful for YOU!