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Thursday, January 13, 2011


There are dozens of species, hybrids, varieties and forms of Narcissus. The most popular are
Jonquils--dark green, round rush like leaves--flower is small, fragrant, early and yellow.
Daffodils--large flowers and are the most popular Narcissus of today.
Paperwhites--early blooming variety, powerfully fragrant, white and clustered..(as pictured below)
Luckly I can grow all of these outside in my garden.
Narcissus Care
Bulbs should be planted August - November, the earlier the better, at a depth of three times the height of the bulb.
When flowers have faded remove them. The plant will divert energy from building up the bulb to seed production which will affect next years display.
Please resist the temptation to remove the yellowing foliage too early. The nurtrients in the foliage are very valuable to next years flowers, wait at least 6 weeks or longer. Personally, I don't remove them at all.
Divide clumps in late Summer and plant.

Our temperatures have not made it out of the 40's this week. The wind chill factor is in the teens for our mornings...so I have been watching my Paperwhites just knowing that the artic blast would take the blooms. As you can see they are doing just fine. Think I'll buy more next year!
Today I am Thankful for my Paperwhites, as they make me smile.


~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

I ment to get some paperwhites to plant this winter inside but never did. Sigh. Yours look lovely in the garden.

imac said...

Very pretty Darla, snow colour,lol.

Skeeter said...

It is nice to see blooms outside during this cold snap! I had planned to add more bulbs to my gardens last fall but too much going on in my life that put them on the back burner. Sigh, There is always this year though :-)

Marydon said...

Ahhhh!, Darla ... Nothing more fragrant & beautiful to greet one in the garden ... hurry up SPRING!!

Have a beautiful day ~
Hugs, Marydon

NanaK said...

Your paperwhites are making me smile too. I saw some spent ones on the 'pity rack' at the garden center. Would they be worth getting for a bloom next year?

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I too love Narcissis of every sort. The fragrance is so spring!

sweetbay said...

I love Narcissus, and want to collect more of the historic types.

I planted paperwhites out years ago and they never bloomed -- they are probably the sort that split and form small bulbs. It certainly doesn't help that *every* year I mistake the leaves for grass and pull them.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

There is always so much confusion about what Daffodils/Narcissus are.... My mother used to call the big ones Jonquils (in southwest Virginia)... SO--I have had a hard time calling them Daffodils. BUT--no matter what we all call them, they are beautiful --all of them...

AND--we never cut back the yellowing plants, although we do cut the flowers off after they are finished blooming... As you said, that makes for a stronger plant next year.

Great post, Darla. Love your Paperwhites. Hope they make it through this cold weather.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Darla: Beautiful flowers while we only see snow.

BTW I'm at the end of this illness.

Patsy said...

I am Happy to see flowers in your yard.

George said...

Your paperwhites are beautiful. That is one white I don't mind seeing at all in winter!

Becca's Dirt said...

They are beautiful Darla. Can't believe they are blooming already. Can't wait till I have some blooms. Girl it's cold - here this morn it was 20 with a wind too. And just as cold tomorrow morning too.

Window On The Prairie said...

Here in northeast Kansas it was 3 degrees this morning with a windchill of -15. Our daffodils won't bloom until April, so thanks for sharing yours with us now.

Char's Gardening said...

I planted some paperwhites and they had blooms on them but, I am worried that with this cold the buds will freeze and I'll not get to enjoy them.

Grace Peterson said...

Hi Darla Dear, Our temperature was in the high 50s today. Weird that we're warmer than you are again. I LOVE these Narcissus. I'm glad they're tough and can withstand the cold temps. If only I were that tough. LOL

Val said...

Gonna be 13 degrees here tonight and snow and ice still on the ground. Beautiful flowers.

Tootsie said...

it is nice to see things growing outside in your gardens right now. I have a question for you....is there anything you can't grow in your gardens that you will need to grow in your greenhouse only?

keewee said...

Hi Darla, I am not real good at explaining how to go about getting the links done, but here goes.
Once you have done the macro post on your blog, then got to the comments on Gardening gone wild, type your comment, then I type link to photo, then right click on the photo and you should see the words "copy image location" click on this (right click) past into the comment section of GGW then repeat the procedure, using the link location.
Hope this is clearer than mud *chuckle* have a great weekend.

Twisted Fencepost said...

They are very pretty. Dainty.
I've never grown them. But I think they would make a good addition to the farm.