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Friday, June 26, 2009

Fertilizer Friday at Tootsie's!!

It's time to flaunt those flowers, says Tootsie over at http://tootsietime.blogspot.com/ !


The Cleome is taller than the Purple Coneflowers.

White Celosia
Hint of Pink Celosia
Light Pink and Dark Pink Celosia
Crocosmia I believe it to be 'Lucifer' is about to bloom.

What's in here? Potato Vine, Giant Liriope, Datura, Firespike, Jacobina, Tiger Lily, Lamb's Ear, Jasmine on the trellis, two Clematis Vines I purchased for 1.00 a piece from the distressed rack. You can see one peeking up on the right side of the bench.
Impatiens, Caladiums, Hosta and Lantana

Caladiums, Giant Liriope, Wondering Jew and a Cactus in the back left.

Red Brick Castle Wall is filling in. Torenia, New Guinea Impatiens, Caladiums, Jacobina, Begonia, Sweet Potato Vine and some English Ivey in the container to the back left.

Crinum Lily

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


tina said...

Love those caladiums.

Tootsie said...

Oh Darla!!! I am so glad you joined in...does your garden ever have a time when things aren't just beautiful??? A dormant time??
How is the new improved bigger bed coming along. I am so far behind in blogland...still on the mend....but at least I don't have a huge face and pain to go along with !!!
Have a great weekend girl!

Jesikarena said...

Everything looks beautiful!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Darla, you grow so many annuals. I get wonderful ideas from seeing your plants. Love the name Fertilizer Friday;)

Outside In said...

Beautiful Blooms! Happy FF!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

You have so much color, it looks so happy there :) How lucky to have sunflowers already!

Dorothy said...

Hi Darla,
You could start your own nursery! You have at least one of everything! So many plants that I've never heard about! All beautiful!

George said...

I would definitely flaunt flowers like this from my garden. They're all absolutely gorgeous.

marmee said...

june is flying by...and is sooooo hot. love all your gorgeous plants and flowers. it is so fun to have so many things in bloom. enjoy your summer days.

onlymehere said...

Darla, oh my gosh you have such beautiful flowers. I have such a brown thumb but I'm trying to get better! Thanks so much for your kind comment and stopping by. Any friend of Tootsie's is a friend of mine!! Cindy

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Darla your potato vine is growing so fast. I love it in the little wagon.
Your butterfly header is so pretty.

raxx a day in the life said...

Happy Fertilizer Friday, your garden is beautiful!!

Dave said...

Wow, all your plants are looking great! I really like those caladiums. Our are actually beginning to flower. I've never had one do that.

Rhondi said...

Hi Darla
Thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment. I love getting commments! The flowers in your garden are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your garden is really filling if beautifully Darla. Love all the gorgeous blooms today. :)

Dirt Princess said...

Looking good...now if we could just get about 6" -10" of rain to hydrate everything, our gardens would look 10x better! Have a great weekend

Jacki said...

I'm envious of the puple coneflowers - you have quite a crop going on there. The whole garden is just beautiful.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful Darla.... I love Caladium... I tried to grow them up here but it's not warm enough--and gets too cold during the winter. And because I didn't want to dig up the bulbs every year, I switched over to Hosta (which do well here).

Gorgeous flowers and yard!!!

Sarah said...

Wow! What an amazing garden!Thanks for your comment over at my blog- glad you came by so I could see your lovely plants.S

siteseer said...

Darla, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment and encouragement. Your gardens are GORGEOUS!! Another year I had a container garden on the deck and had a pot of Cleome, it was beautiful like yours. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden.

YaYa's Funhouse said...

Darla, THanks for stopping by. Your flowers are just breath taking. Come by to see me.

Anonymous said...

The Sunflower and everything else loks great. I am still in Kentucky and will be back on my blog in Florida on Sunday or Monday. I will be back in the state Sunday. Thanks fopr visitng my blog while I am away. The Hibiscus on the current post is 'Fort Meyers'.


lynn'sgarden said...

Darla, your garden is beautiful with the sun light streaming through..especially the caladiums! Lucifer crocosmia..a favorite of mine! I'm trying some yellow ones this year but they are nowhere ready to bud! Thanks for visiting me!

Bren said...

You are a few months a head of me... LOVEIN THAT SUNFLOWER!

Happy Weekend

Anonymous said...

I love the wagon Darla. I also see the little aloe.. Your gardens are so beautiful. I just received some yellow crocosomia corms. I don't know whether I should plant them now or not, bu I'll thrown them in the ground anyway. Crinums are next on my list. It's feeling too muggy to get down and plant. I have some white cat's whiskers in a pot that needs to get into some moist ground. There's always tomorrow..my motto.

Rusty in Miami said...

The garden looks great, lots of color the way I like it. The celosia is beautiful; I have no luck growing them in my garden.

Jessica said...

Now~ your gardens are definitely cartwheel worthy! Love the mixture and color choices of your gardens. Just beautiful.

Have a great weekend! J

CiNdEe said...

Wow you have a lot of beautiful blooms today!
Happy FF to you!!!

Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

You sure have a beautiful garden! I always love the end of season flower sales. Thanks so much for sharing, Esther

Anonymous said...

Hi Darla~~ Thank you so much for asking about me. It's sure nice to log on (finally) and see that I've been missed. You're so sweet. Problems with my ISP but it seems to be fine this evening.

Your blooms are absolutely fabulous. I really enjoy seeing what's coming with the Celosia.

Your red brick castle wall is a sight to behold. I love the composition, the complementing textures and colors. Nice.

Martha said...

I had no idea that we could run out of room on blogger!
Have a great weekend! :-)

Teresa said...

Your garden is so lush and gorgeous. Mine is so thirsty.

Susie said...

Beautiful blooms Darla! You must be dreading your water bill as much as I'm dreading mine!

fishing guy said...

Darla: You seem to find more and more prizes each week.

bennie and patsy said...

Thank you so much for the comment on the loss of my son.

Valerie said...

I am really behind on my blog reading and I kept wondering why my bloglists didn't show you blogging. I was worried so I went to your old blog and found the new one. I have a lot of catching up to do. I had no idea this could happen. I will add this to my bloglists so I will not miss anymore. I hope to catch up with your posts this weekend.

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Darla, as always, beautiful lovely flower pictures!

~ Ann

sweet bay said...

In spite of the recent heat, your garden looks so colorful and beautiful!

Prospero said...

I like the shot with the orange caladium in the center. What a beautiful garden you have.

Peggy said...

Hi Darla, I have been away for a few days and I wondered why your blog had not updated on my list, I will have to change to your new setting on my bloglist. The flowers as usual are stunning and your garden is blooming.

Gail said...

My dear you have a beautiful and floriferous garden...love so many of the plants you grow! Love the wagon! gail

Anonymous said...

It all looks so pretty. Love the celosia! I am suppose to get Bilbo. He's on the way! Hope you have loads of fun in Georgia and I'll visit your brother's site soon as he gets it back up and running. I may even go visit him in person.

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