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Thursday, June 25, 2009

This and That Thursday...

We actually received some rain Monday night. 2/10 of an inch.....it's a start!!

From the one Amaranthus plant (Chinese Spinach) I now have 18. They have the most interesting foliage displays. Jacobina--It deserves to be shown off, she has really been putting on a show.
HOORAY!! A Datura bud.
Cinnamon Basil bloom.
Lantana--does anyone know it's name.
I have already pruned it twice this season.

Hibiscus--Painted Lady
Am I the only one that twists young trees together? I love the look, especially as they grow larger. It really adds to the winter interest.
This is the same tree. I have several I have done this way including Wisteria Vines.
Can you see how tall the Celosia is getting? I have almost white and several shades of pink from very light to deep pink.
After the Walking Iris blooms the stems fall over and root. Then the process starts all over again true to it's name. Easy to scoop these up plant them some other place or put in a container. Thank you Dear Mother-in-Law for this wonderful plant!!
Just because I like Zinnias.
I put one of my Backeyed Susan Vines in the top of the Tipsy Planter.

That's it for This and That Thursday!!


fishing guy said...

Darla: Fun look at your garden, we almost reached 90 F today. You must be boiling. Water, water, water - your plants are calling you.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I had meant to try some Amaranthus this year but never got the seeds sown. I wish I had, yours is beautiful. Love the black eyed susan vine and the zinnias too.

Jamie and Randy said...

I planted tons of Thunbergia seed and not a single one came up! I'm so terrible with seeds. I would think your Lantana is most likely 'Confetti'. :-)--Randy

tina said...

Hi Darla, Lovely plants all! Your lantana may be 'Miss Huff'. Does it come out orange then change to pink? If so, it looks an awful lot like it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Darla. The hibiscus is just thrilling!

Dirt Princess said...

I hope we get some rain today! Whew, we need it! I am so glad you finally got some. It doesn't feel as hot here today, there is a good breeze blowing. Yesterday we hit 101!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's hot here too, and not a drop of rain in the forecast! :( Love the way you twist the trunks of your small trees. I don't think that your Lantana is Miss Huff. Jamie & Randy's id is probably right on target.

Jesikarena said...

I love the hibiscus! that shade of pink is beautiful!

George said...

Your garden looks absolutely beautiful. I like the way you twist the young trees together. I hadn't thought of doing anything like that.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Girlie, Even with your extreme heat, your yard still looks GREAT... That Lantana is spreading fast, isn't it????

What are you going to put in your 'new' bed????