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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday...and Answering Questions...

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Salvia Vinca

Organized confusion around the mailbox

Black-Eyed Susan vine is loaded with buds
Morning Glory with Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Part of the garden expansion. Instead of buying new flowers this season I used what I already have. The empty soil was bothering me. Next year I may be sorry. We are calling this the Shell Garden. We have seashells from the girls beach trips throughout this garden.
Dianthus--this color is great with the Potato Vine "Blackie".
Both of the Jacobinas have benefited from constant deadheading.
Okay, pruning Monarda. When this plant got leggy and the blooms started to fade and flop, I pruned it 1/4 to 1/2 and viola! it's blooming again.
Torenia, Amaranthus, New Guinea Impatien, Caladiums, Hosta....well you get the picture.
Look Patsy! I did put Coral Reef and Jewel Leaf Sedum in the strawberry planter, thanks for the idea.
I have fell in love with this color Zinnia.
The sweet Candycane Zinnia isn't bad either.
Habanero Peppers have returned for the third year in this same container.
Same for these Rooster Spur Peppers.
Bell Peppers
Now for pruning Clematis. Spring Blooming Clematis--flower on last years growth. Prune as soon as they finish blooming and they will have the whole season to put on new growth and set buds for the next year. Left unpruned new growth is confined to the tops or ends-that's where your blooms will be.
Summer and Fall Bloomers--flower on current seasons growth. They do not have to be pruned, but flowering will eventually diminish. Pruning should be done while dormant or just waking out of dormancy. If you have a Clematis that you want to remain long, prune just to a healthy leaf bud.
Repeat Bloomers--If Spring is the big show, prune after flowers fade. You will lose some late season bloom but gain next Spring. DO NOT prune repeat bloomers as severely as Spring or Summer and Fall Bloomers. Treat more like deadheading or thinning out.

Even the most experienced gardeners get a little "Pruning Shy" when it comes to pruning Clematis. I have never pruned mine although I know it's more beneficial for the vine. Do you have any tips for pruning your vines?


Susie said...

How neat that the peppers keep returning! I think the shell garden is adorable.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I like that white flower in your mail box garden. Great accent with the pink. I know what you mean by empty soil. I have a new garden and didn't like the bare spots either. I stuffed annuals everywhere just to have something growing.

Anonymous said...

Great tips on the pruning of Clematis & Monarda! I have alot of repeat bloomers so I tend to just clean up the dead stuff to rejuvenate them. The new expansion garden is looking good, nice thrifty way to fill it in. :)

Prospero said...

How does the postman (or woman) ever find your mailbox?

I see you grow datura as well. Excellent.

George said...

Your garden gets more beautiful with each posting. I think it's wonderful that your peppers keep returning.

MissyM said...

Everything looks so good. I love your mailbox garden. I want to do one next year (or maybe this fall). You gave me a good idea for my strawberry jar!!

Dorothy said...

Lots of pretty blooms! My favorite is the shell garden. The peppers are looking good!

tina said...

Love that salvia, no wonder you posted it first. I usually grow it but didn't bother starting the seeds. Some self seeded from last year so I am most happy.

Clematis, that is a problem for me. I have four vines I grow on an arbor. They've been gorgeous but began getting woody. I have no idea what class they are, but have decided to cut them to the ground completely. My husband is most happy the arbor is clear as the vines would snag us each time. I expect they'll come back but I might not get a bloom next year. Now when I plant clematis I try very hard to keep like groups together and to know what type of groups I have. Not an easy thing. Good advice on cutting them back. I plan to follow it for all clematis.

Jamie and Randy said...

I just accidently pruned all our clematis with a weed whacker. :-( I get clumbsy in this terrible heat.--Randy

Suzanne said...

Such beautiful photos of flowers and veggies. Truly wonderful. Love the "organized confusion" around the mailbox!

Rhondi said...

Hi Darla
Your garden looks great. I love the candy cane zinnia.
Rhondi xo

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I can't believe all those peppers! We have the start of one, even with all the hot weather we've had.
Your newly expanded bed looks great. It's nice to be able to use what you have, and if you don't like it next year at least you didn't pay for the plants and you won't feel bad moving them out.
I'm definitely pruner shy with clematis. The best ones I have get pruned, but they're all summer bloomers. My Nelly Moser dies back on it's own, and it shouldn't be pruned so it never does well. I think you gave great tips.

Carla said...

Using what you have? Guess that makes you a very 'green' gardener-lol
The Amaranthus is new to me, I love this spotty leaf pattern with the spotted wish bone flowers! Everything looks so happy and well cared for:)
I accidently planted all my clematis in the same pot, and don't know which is which, some day I hope to separate them and see if I get more action that way. Currently, I'm pleased to get ANY bloom my young vines at all:)
Have a wonderful day:)

Jake said...

Well, I couldn't find your mail box, lol. We all have areas that are disorganized. My one new area is underneath my bird bath the Pineapple Sage as went crazy.


Dirt Princess said...

I have never pruned my clematis. It dies back anyway, then the new growth emerges from the old. So I leave it so it will get bigger. I need to prune my monarda as well....it is getting a tad bit crazy

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful flowers and veggies in your garden, Darla. I love Vinca too. Ours are doing fine in the sunny lamppost flowerbed. In the shady other two round beds, we have Impatiens--which is also doing well.

We always prune our Clematis in the fall. This is the first year that it has grown so tall --and is blooming more at the top than it has at the bottom and middle. I'm not sure why this has happened JUST this year.


Frances said...

Hi Darla, although a pruning maniac for trees and shrubs, I have never pruned a clemmie, too scared for I don't know or can't remember when they bloom to know when to prune. Now the monarda will be pruned soon here so we too can get some reblooming, thanks! Your peppers are amazing! :-)

Jean said...

Your new garden looks lovely. Love the shell idea, it's great for your area. Jean

Sue said...

You've got so many cool flowers and plants. I'm totally jealous I don't have more room to plant! I have "mailbox confusion" as well.

Leedra said...

whew, hot, hot peppers. Can't eat them, they are too hot for me. I will stick with those beautiful sweet bell peppers.

Chris said...

You have a very beautiful garden.

Laurie and Chris said...

Your gardens look great!!

Tootsie said...

thanks!!! I prune my jackmanii down to the soil each fall...it grows well and blooms like crazy...I just have always wondered what would happen if I left it and could suffer through all the dead tangles of leaves...lol
beautiful display of photos by the way!

bennie and patsy said...

So many little grapefruits, they are looking good. Thanks for the post.

Valerie said...

I didn't even realize that you are suppose to prune clematis! Mine bloom in the spring so do I prune now? Loved all of your pictures! Beautiful shell garden. We are going to the beach in a couple of weeks so I think I will bring back a few shells and start my own shell garden. Neat idea!

Teresa said...

OMG !!!
Your garden is always luscious, but be still my heart! I love that Datura, and the Jacobina.
And that black sweet potato vine with the yellow chrysanthemums? is perfect together.

pitter patter


Martha said...

I have a shell garden too! Everything looks beautiful as always! :-)

~~Rhonda said...

Darla, I don't think you'll be sorry for filling in the shell garden. It's looking great already. I love the dianthus with the dark potato vine. That's a wonderful color combination! Your blossoms are gorgeous! ~~Rhonda

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Darla: What wonderful blooms you have. You will be eating peppers soon. Does that Datura come in white?

Bren said...

Your place is beautiful INSIDE and OUT! LOVE IT.... Happy Summer and thank you so very much for stopping by my page.