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Friday, February 4, 2011

Fertilizer Friday -- Greenhouse

Hooray! It's Friday..drop by http://tootsietime.blogspot.com/ and join the pre-Spring party.

A few things in the greenhouse. The Dahlia seeds that Lona sent me are sprouting.
My husband's father is from Texas, so in his honor I am trying my hand at some Texas Bluebonnets-Lupinus texensis- Texas State Flower.
Coleus Mixed...I love to see the foliage start changing from green to the reds...I just wonder what they will look like this year.
**Experiment** Pyrethrum- Painted Daises...the experiment is...these only grow in zones 3-7.
Hmmmmmmm. I'm zone 8.
Small container to the left, rooted Hydrangea macrophylla normalis- Lacecap Hydrangea, I think it's "Blue Billow." Middle with the large leaves, rooted Brugmansia. Behind the Brug, rooted Odontonema strictum- Firespike.
Overwintering Painted Lady - Hibiscus.
Another photo of the rescued Stock...she's filling out pretty good, don't you agree?

Do have a Blessed weekend. Here's hoping all of you 'snowed in' will soon see signs of Spring!


Today I am Thankful for the wonderful gift of my greenhouse!


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Good morning. Darla your Stock looks wonderful. You are going to have some hibiscus blooms soon. I tried to seed some Painted Daisies last year and not a one sprouted so I am so jealous of yours. They are growing so well.Cannot wait to see your Bluebonnets this summer. Where sis you find seeds for them? Have a wonderful weekend.

Susie said...

The stock looks great Darla. I love the smell of it.

FlowerLady said...

What a great crop of seedlings, and your stock is lovely and your cuttings look healthy. I really need to get some seeds started. Thanks for the inspiration.


Ami said...

You are having very good usage of your greenhouse! I often have trouble to grow plants from seeds. After they emerge, they grow so slow, and the watering is hard to control. Maybe the soil I used is not good for seedlings.

Your stock looks beautifully. I have the hot pink one started from last years seeds. Love their nice scent. I need to get some light color ones like yours.

Anonymous said...

Hello Darla Dearest, I grow Painted Daisy and you know my Zone. I don't think you'll have any problems with it in Zone 8. Mine get a bit of afternoon shade. Your seedlings sure look sturdy and healthy. In fact all your plants look wonderful. Your green thumb is evident!

Tamara Jansen said...

There's nothing better than watching your garden grow :)

RainGardener said...

Darla you've really been busy filling your greenhouse up while I was gone. Wonderful and everything looks so great. Bet it smells heavenly with that stock blooming in there. Love their smell.

Karen said...

Darla, your greenhouse is really inspiring me. I haven't even ordered my seeds yet, but I have time...(sure I do).

So good to see green, growing things!

Susan said...

Darla...Your stock loves lovely...such a pretty color. Looks like you're getting ready for spring. I've never tried coleus from seed...that sounds like fun. Good luck with your seeds.

Patsy said...

You will be in bloom soon.(Lovely)

George said...

It's obvious that you are enjoying and getting a lot of use out of your greenhouse. Each time I see how you plants are doing I want one more.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love seeing all those seedlings. I know you're having fun with that greenhouse. We ordered grow lights to see if I can grow more from seed this year.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love your greenhouse --and all of the things which love being in there.. You are going to have TONS of new flowers.. Wow---I'm jealous.

I love Texas Bluebonnets. We used to drive to the hill country every year when I lived near Houston--just to see the acres and acres of Bluebonnets...

Have a great weekend.

Sonia said...

When I lived in Texas I loved blue bonnett season!! Your little plants look great and how wonderful to have a greenhouse...I could really use one about now..we are snowcovered!
Thanks for sharing,

Miss Bloomers

Caroline said...

The stock is my favorite -- I can smell it from here!

Val said...

Oh I WANT your greenhouse!!!

tina said...

It all looks so good! That greenhouse looks like it is getting a good workout!

Sandy said...

Hi Darla.. I went out on the deck this morning and noticed "My seeds have many sprouts" also! I squeeled with delight! Yours look really healthy but mine are teeny so far!
As for "What kind of Vitamins I take"... haha
I take more than the normalperson.. Hi dose of VD script from the pharmacy.. I'm very low D.. 4000iu fish oil.. my cardio doc has me on so many along with my heart meds...I refuse to play sick (as he told me) and I have stuff to do and I do it...I'm also enjoying it alot!
Thanks for your visit today,, it made me smile!

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Darla, your greenhouse is doing a great job! Your stocks are really doing good! I keep bugging my husband that I want a greenhouse, he doesn't think we need one where we live.

Sonia said...

Thanks for your sweet visit Darla...Panama City is not one of my top picks either..just went because I had use of the condo and it was close to Fort Walton where I grew up and where my Mom still lives..I do love those white sandy beaches though! Take care!

Miss Bloomers

Gail said...

I am so getting envious of your greenhouse! Way to grow those plants Darla! gail

Donna said...

look at all the sprouts...wish I had a greenhouse...I am growing lettuce indoors under a grow light myself...and you have crocuses blooming..how lucky..

Fishtail Cottage said...

I have greenhouse envy! Your a lucky girl to have one! I throw my seeds out in the garden & hope some don't get eaten by the birds and that some make it to root & hopfully to flower! :) xoxo

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

Very cool Darla! I need to plant some coleus - I saved seed a while back I wonder what it will turn out to be like? I hope your warm Florida weather begins to come our way - I'm ready for spring!

meemsnyc said...

Look at all your seedlings. So jealous.

sherryocala said...

Darla, I'm going to have to do hydrangea cuttings this year. A couple of weeks ago I moved a hydrangea that was in total shade and never bloomed (there must be a connection, right?), and a rooted piece fell off. I stuck it in the ground in another spot, and yesterday I saw new growth coming from this dead looking stick. How cool! Your seedlings are coming along great.

Heather at Dusty Bay said...

Looks good in there Darla!

fer said...

your plants look great! and your stock looks amazing, mine is almost done

Dani said...

I'm loving your stock! Such a pretty plant.

Mamajil said...

Very cool that you have a green house ....just saying :)

Shady Gardener said...

"Someone" knew you'd USE that greenhouse! And you are doing a wonderful job!! :-) Meanwhile, we are being patient and waiting for Spring here. (I did set out some milkjug greenhouses recently, however!)

Martha (MM) said...

Can't wait to see everything once spring has sprung! :-)

Dar said...

WoW Darla, your greenhouse is looking great with all kinds of green popping their heads. The Brain Coral is very interesting and cool. Love it. Also, the Painted Daisies will do fine for you. They are pretty hardy even in the hot sun. I'm in zone 3 and have many zone 4 and even 5, some 2's that do fine. I still am in love with your greenhouse., you lucky girl. Sorry about the fern sliver, did not know they could be so nasty. Good luck with that.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Darla: Neat look at the flowers you have growing.

Garden Sense said...

Looks like you have a lot going on in your greenhouse - you'll be ready for spring! Thanks for stopping by Garden Sense and for your nice comment! Chris

PlantPostings said...

Wow, lots growing there! I love your header photo of the Cornflower bud with the ladybug!

lifeshighway said...

Your stock looks amazing. I don't have time, or I think I don't have time for a greenhouse. I am envious of your green thumb.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Looks like that green house is filling up quickly. And I know you are loving every minute of it!
Good luck with those daisies!!

Tootsie said...

woooo hooooo!!!! Darla's in the greenhouse!!!! woooo hooo!!! I love love love it all!!!
thanks for linking in this week!!! Have been trying to comment since monday...finally Blogger let me do it! lol

HTC One V said...

You have made some really nice containers. The moss is an especially nice touch. Repurposing Christmas angels as garden angels is an outstanding idea.

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