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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Thank you Carol at http://maydreamsgardens.blogspot.com for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on the 15th of every month. Not only do we get to share our blooms, we also get to peek into beautiful gardens around the world.
My contribution this week begins with the first Daff bloom of the season.
Painted Lady Hibiscus has been overwintering in the greenhouse.
Newly acquired POTunias...love the soft yellow.
Callie Bright Red Calibrachoa..also recently purchased.


Osteospermum..Voltage Yellow
Osteospermum Astra Series
Osteospermum Astra Series Patented
The ever faithful Pansies

and the faithful Loropetulam.
I do hope everyone had a sweet Valentine's Day and that you let those around you know that you love them. Overuse, I LOVE YOU!
Take a look at what we have to look forward to this week. Makes it easy for a gardener to get out of bed in the morning.

Today I am Thankful for Carol and her faithfulness in hosting this ever growing meme each month.


daisy said...

What beautiful blooms you have! Thanks for adding some cheer to my day!

Rose said...

What a treat to see all these beautiful blooms, especially the first daffodil! That forecast looks wonderful--ours is not quite so high, of course, but I'm looking forward just as much to the 50's that we are promised.

curtissannmatlock said...

A lorapetalum in bloom? Mine bloomed more last year, when the winter was much harder here on the Gulf Coast. Not so much this year. And three are in need of pruning. I like them!

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

The weather sure looks great this week - even here! Those blooms make me jealous, I'll just have to be patient!

Lois said...

I saw that weather report on the news this morning! It is going to be wonderful. I think I'll start taking my noon time walks around the FSU campus again!

The Whimsical Gardener said...

Wow, I'm impressed by the number of blooms you have! I'm wondering how I'm going to scrape together a GBBD post ;) We are experiencing similar weather and it's such a joy after all the below freezing temps of the last few weeks. Yes - spring is on its way!!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Good morning. I love the mossy pots you have created. So pretty. Daffodils blooming already, how terrific. The hibiscus is just so gorgeous and the cheerful pansies. You have so many flowers in bloom already. I got the seeds and I want to thank again. I am so grateful for them and I am so ready to try them out. Hugs.

One said...

Has spring arrived first at your garden? Why is it I see so many blooms here? Beautiful!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful flowers and yes,fantastic temperatures ahead for you.I can't complain,we have had above freezing temps for a while and oh what difference that makes.

Floridagirl said...

Glad to see things are warming up for y'all up there! Aren't these temperatures fantastic?!! So much better than last February...down here anyway. Love all your containers...and those osteospermums. I've been experimenting with osteospermums for several years now, trying to get them to flourish as a perennial. They don't seem to like our summers at all, nor do they like frost. They do like spring, but that is such a short time for a perennial to function. Anyway, haven't had great success, but the experiments go on....

rambleonrose said...

I could not imagine having so many flowers right now!! And I am jealous of that forecast...

NanaK said...

You have such pretty flowers and those pots are fabulous! Enjoy the great weather this week!

Liza said...

Oh wow, you beat me by a long shot!

Carolyn @ Carolyn's Shade Gardens said...

Great to see your photos from sunny FL and way to rub it in. I am in snow-covered Pennsylvania, but the temperature suddenly shot up and I managed to find some flowers outside. Happy GBBD, Carolyn

garden girl said...

Wow! Lots of wonderful blooms in your Florida garden!

Grace Peterson said...

Wow that weather report is to die for. Something tells me you won't be indoors much this week. Beautiful blooms!

Noelle said...

Hello Darla,

I do love to visit your garden on GBBD. I like how you put the darling birdhouse in a container, next to your flowering plants. I must try that sometime.

I can only imagine how your garden is thriving with such a glorious weather forecast :-)

Patsy said...

So happy to see all the pretty blooms.

Nell Jean said...

I would never give up the spring show of azaleas but loropetalum starts earlier, blooms later, reblooms late summer and really adds to the show.

commonweeder said...

You are breaking my heart with that 5 day forcast - but our day will come up in the hills.

Bumble Lush/DC-area/Zone 7A said...

Darla, I'm sooo jealous of your 70+ temperatures! It's about 30 degrees cooler here in DC, but I know spring will get to us eventually. Your pictures are beautiful! It must be so nice to walk through your lovely garden and see all those yellows, reds, and purples.

Thanks so much for stopping by site, btw.

shirl said...

Wow Darla, Osteospermums flowering in February! I can see why Florida is popular as holiday destination for those in the UK :-)

Thanks, lovely images from your garden. Love the hibiscus, but the fav pic has to be the one below with the primrose yellow blooms, moss and the sweet nestbox. Happy GBBD :-)

Birdwoman said...

Wonderful flowers. Thanks for sharing them.

By the way, I see you are doing the Great Backyard Bird Count. Good for you!

ks said...

That weather graphic says it all, I was feeling prety cocky before the present storm moved in. The party's over here. And Loropetalum is faithful !! I'm afraid there are some awful sheared versions in my neighborhood.

Dar said...

Are you kidding me? Daffodils already? How fortunate to see something besides snow. I must admit, tho, Darla, it Has been nice here too. The eaves are dripping steadily, the warm south winds are blowing and adding to the thaw, and I actually saw a few blades of grass under the cedar swing today.
Love all the spring colors you are showing us. It breathes hope.

Deb said...

love the ladybug in your header...beautiful flowers...looks like we are having the same weather

tina said...

Those are some VERY nice blooms. Isn't it great it has warmed up? Florida is the place to be!

On the onions, I think we in the south must grow short day onions versus long day onions. The problem is that if you buy your onion sets in the store locally (like me) they usually don't have the cultivar listed so you have no idea what you are getting. It's a no brainer that in the south they should all be short day but it might not be so. Anyhow, from what I've read if you have the right cultivar they'll start making bulbs once the daytime hours are 10-12 hours of good sunlight. So watch your onions and I hope they bulb! Fingers crossed. P.S. So glad I'm not the only one with that problem!

Val said...

I feel spring right around the corner, don't you?? Our weather is gonna be just about as good.

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

Boy what a contrast between your blog post and my post! I love the photographs of your flowers. There brighten the day.

Becca's Dirt said...

When I get more than a bloom I'll be back participating in the fun meme's. I can't believe you are already sporting a daffodil. Oh how pretty it is. Love all the color you have there.

I'm buying seed starter mix and getting started this weekend.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

OMG!! Eye candy for the gardeners soul!! I needed that!
Just gorgrous!
Things are starting to bud out here too so the itch has started!!!
We had a beautiful day yesterday and I spent it in the backyard...pulling weeds (good way to get some snager out ;))
Was hoping to get to the front today...well, thats not gonna happen. Windy and rainy today.
Have a good one!

Masha said...

You are lucky to have so much going on in February. I love Loropetalum too.

Twisted Fencepost said...

I'm checking mine tomorrow, if yours are blooming my should atleast be sprouting.

Shelley said...

That hibiscus is beautiful! I love looking at your flowers - better than the mushy snow that I see here in Michigan right now! LOL!

Leedra said...

We are suppose to be up to low 70's today. Although our ground has a long way to catch up with your ground warmth. Our daffodils are just about an inch out of the ground. Mama is coming up this weekend and I so wanted her to see the daffodils in bloom (they were her Mother's), but it isn't going to happen.

Hope all is well with you.

George said...

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see a daffodil in bloom. I love all the color you already have in your garden and in your greenhouse.

Cindy said...

I love your blooms especially the Osteospermum. Did not find many colors of them in my neck of the woods last year.

Skeeter said...

Nice Blooms! Our forecast is just about the same as there in Florida! I can hardly wait to get out in it today....

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The first daffodil does make ones heart swell with excitement for the growing season. Happy GBBD.

sweetbay said...

The stock is lovely! I have not grown stock so I don't know what it smells like, but I know it's very famous as a fragrant flower.

You asked about the iris ~ I can't remember right now if it's fragrant. The fragrance of the white iris is so strong and I'm usually burying my face in Clotilde Soupert. lol

I have one variegata called Picador that smells like root beer to a lot of people but it doesn't smell like root beer to me. Smells good though! Different people's senses of smell vary so much.

Kylee said...

Darla, I LOVE those Osteospermums! And I can't wait until we have weather like yours!

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