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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bloomin' Tuesday...LUPINE

The Lupine bloom is finally opening and I love it. It may appear to be planted in an unusual place because it is. I had to make sure it received individual attention.

It wilts almost completely down during the hottest part of the day, (which is nerve wrecking to see) for crying out loud, if your thermometer read 103 farenheit or 39.4 celcius you'd wilt too. Therefore I have watered it everyday, this area also drains quickly. Remember, we are in a drought, over 11 inches short of rain this year. Could be the driest May on record. There is a wild Lupinus villosus--Lady Lupine which I actually featured on April 27, 2011 growing wild on my SIL's property, they are not the same species.

I have two more in this same area, no bloom stalks yet. I have one in the full sun garden mixed in a patch of Forget-me-nots..the soil there retains moisture longer so I have not witnessed any wilting, it also doesn't have a bloom stalk, yet. I will planting these again next year in an area that receives some mid-day shade...Jean over at http://msgreenthumbjean.blogspot.com whom I'm linking with has a patch of purple lupine blooming. Now let's see if I can be successful with collecting the seed.

Jane Cowell Hibiscus is blooming.

Giant Swallowtail with tattered wings on the butterfly bush.


Today I am Thankful for the nice holiday weekend we just had.


Zoey said...

Another pretty lupine. I just came from Jean's and saw her purple ones. I hope I get one to bloom this year. I have one clump that looks big enough, but no buds that I have noticed yet.

You took such good care of yours during that heat wave. It has been a few years since we have had a summer day over 100 degrees...UGH...that is pretty hot!

Rosemary said...

Darla I am impressed with your lupine . Way to go..... especially in the heat. Stay cool.

perennialgardener said...

Hooray for that pretty pink Lupine! I've never had much luck with them, they really hate our summer heat. Can't believe your Butterfly Bush is already blooming. :)

Twisted Fencepost said...

That lupine is very pretty.
And you know I love that orange hibiscus.

Dani said...

Such a pretty bloom on that lupine.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yikes! That is some hot weather.I wish I could trade some of our coolness with you.Only some,I don't really do well in heat,a little lit that Lupine,only not near as pretty.

Dorothy said...

Beautiful flowers! You must have at least one of everything!!! Hope you get rain!

Donna said...

Your lupine is very pretty! I've been meaning to plant some of those in the garden. They remind me a bit of foxglove.

Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful lupine Darla - your hard work payed off. I should give them another try next year. I sure enjoyed being off this weekend. Hoping for rain here. Tote that garden hose around every afternoon and evening.

Grace said...

Great shot, Darla Dear. The Lupine looks lovely, especially with that bush behind it! The hibiscus and Butterfly bush blossom look great too.

bakingbarb said...

That is some HOT weather you and your lupine must endure. Our PNW weather is nothing like that! Love to see your Lupine doing so well though, they are rather hardy!

imac said...

Lupines and a butterfly - what more can one ask for.

Lola said...

Great going on the lupine. I do hope you can get some seeds from her.
Really like the orange, didn't know it came in that color.
Hope we get some rain & relief of the heat.
Stay cool.

Gail said...

Wow...to the lupine, wow to the heat and wow to the drought. gail gorgeous shot of the flutterby

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Congrats on the lupine bloom!
I love those yellow swallowtail butterflies in any condition.

Jean said...

What a great Mama you've been to your lupine. They almost grow wild around here. My pink ones didn't come back, I think I moved them at the wrong time last year. Do you want some purple seeds? Beautiful butterfly photo. Jean

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

All of the colors are very pretty-enjoy:@)

George said...

You've obviously been giving your lupine lots of TLC -- it looks wonderful in spite of the drought you're experiencing.

GardenofDaisies said...

Your flowers are so pretty! I can be so frustrating to try to grow pretty things when the weather doesn't cooperate. 103 is crazy!

sherryocala said...

You are definitely a super lupine grower, Darla. Congratulations! Keep your fingers crossed for mine which aren't as big as yours yet.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad your Lupine is blooming Darla---but I love the hibiscus even more. What a gorgeous color... LOVE it.

Queen of The Desert said...

Inspite of the heat, you've still got some pretty blooms in your garden.

Dar said...

You have such an array of flowers. The scents must be wonderful on your walks around your park. Love the Swallowtail! No, loveit!

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

The lupine is great! It's amazing to think that you've had the driest May on record. We've had decent rainfall courtesy of brutal storms. We're a little past due for some rain though now. I got the seeds, thank you! I can't wait to plant them this fall!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I can't get over how dry Florida is this year.... we are behind as well, not sure how much though. Seems like most of the rain slides to the north of us. We have clay soil so more moisture is held, then it become a brick.
I do like those lupine, glad you are having success with them.

Shelley said...

That lupine is such a pretty flower! I bet you attract so many beautiful butterflies!

Julie said...

All is so beautiful. The lupine is gorgeous!

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What a great you've been to your lupine. They almost grow wild around here. pink ones didn't come back,think moved them at the wrong.

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