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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cottage Flora Thursday and FF

Wow, June 2nd already. We are still in a drought with stifling heat, official temperature yesterday was 103...HOT and DRY! With my husband's diligence in rotating garden hoses everyday we are doing pretty well at keeping most plants alive and thriving. Today's contribution to Cottage Flora at http://fishtailcottage.blogspot.com and tomorrow's FF over at http://tootisetime.blogspot.com are..
Justicia brandegeana--Shrimp Plant Mish Mash container with Dahlias, Hibiscus, Silver Falls, Allysum and some Sedum tucked somewhere in there..sigh

Last week I featured my double Althea--Rose of Sharon, today my single.

On either side of the old red bench I have this same combination from seed. Impatiens, Coleus and a small Hosta (not from seed) in the middle somewhere, sigh.

The Hypoestes--Polka Dot Plant is NOT just a house plant here. Returns with a vengeance every year in the garden.

Cleorodendrum bungei--Glory Bower is beautiful....BUT it stinks and will aggressively take over an area in one growing season.

Gaura--Whirling Butterflies

One of the best smaller roses I have was purchased at the grocer, 5 bucks. It's now about 2 1/2 feet tall.

Euphorbia milii--Crown of Thorns will have to be lugged to the greenhouse come frost season. All parts are poisonous if ingested and the prick of a thorn can cause the gardener's finger to triple in size, just ask Ms. Doris.

Last but not least by any means in ICU is a two toned Impatien resecued from Lowe's. The tips were pinched for rooting and the plant repotted. Fingers crossed!

It's been a busy week around here...school season is coming to a close tomorrow. The children have all had various schedules with taking exams, exempting exams, regular Church services and preparing for VBS. My visiting has been hit and miss, my apologies. I will do my best to return your visit. Thanks for continuing to drop by.


Today I am Thankful that tomorrow is the last day of school..probably not as thankful as the children though.


~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Looks good despite the drought. Is the polka dot plant sometimes called "pink splash?" I have a friend who keeps talking about a plant she got that sounds like your polka dot plant but I haven't seen it yet.

Lona said...

I did not know that about the Crown of Thorn plant. It is a beauty though Darla. I love your Glory Bower too. What pretty blooms. Girl I know you will have that Impatiens plant growing like crazy soon.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

LOL Had to laugh...your comment just above the comment box...
"Go Ahead...Spit It Out!!"
I guess YOU did with your coffee! LOL sorry ;)

So you have our hot temps. Wonder where they were...BUT you can KEEP them! I don't mind sharing ..at all.

Your gardens looks great, lots of effort, I know, in the heat.
Geeze too bad the Glory Bower stinks..it's so pretty. Wow cute is your rescued Impatians..fingers crossed with you. I think it will be fine with your green thumb.

Have a great weekend!

FlowerLady said...

Great blooms once again. I love your polka dot plant, I had that many years ago, as I did the shrimp plant.

That crown of thorns is a luscious color. I usually just see the red.

Happy gardening ~ FlowerLady

Grace said...

A hundred and freaking three? That's seriously HOT. I am praying for a cool-down for you! I LOVE that Euphorbia Crown of Thorns. What a fabulous shade of PINK! Great score on the grocery store rose! Love the Gaura and Clero even if it is a spreader. :) And lastly, that crowded pot is too cool!!

Lois said...

I have had a big fat raccoon visiting my backyard birdbaths every afternoon for the past week and I think it's because of all this hot dry weather. He's fun to watch but he drives my cat crazy!

Fishtail Cottage said...

Wow - you have shared some gorgeous flowers this week. i have never seen a few of those before...thank you so much for sharing at Cottage Flora Thursday's so i can be introduced to them. xoox, tracie

Deb said...

beautiful Darla....the seeds you sent me the flowers are starting to bloom, and the loofah gourds are starting to take off finally...

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

We are hot here too, a little rain would sure make it a happier garden. I was surprised your Polka Dot comes back each year...I put one in the garden in Virginia. It was amazing how tall it got.
I like Rose of Sharon when they are blooming... when they aren't I am pretty fickle.

NanaK said...

Wow, you've had hotter weather than we have here in the Tampa Bay area. We did get some rain yesterday hope you get some of it soon. You and hubby have been doing a great job keeping all those flowers happy with your watering efforts. I know it gets to be quite a chore after a while. Love the mish-mash pot and I'm sure that impatiens plant will be thriving soon under your care. I, too, have planted out my polka-dot plants received in dish gardens of various types. They re-seed and come back every year so far. I just got a seedling of that clero and planted it under the big oak tree. Takes over, huh? Good.

Patsy said...

Now that is hot! we will be 95 to 100 this week, but we sure did have rain and lots of it wish we could have sent you some. Your flowers are lovely.

HolleyGarden said...

Nice blooms. I'm glad you included the Crown of Thorns. I've heard of this plant for many years, but I don't think I've ever seen a picture. Doesn't sound like a nice plant, though!

Zoey said...

Hi Darla,
I don't think I have ever seen a shrimp plant--I love it! All of your flowers look so nice. I am also likef the polka dot plant in used in your landscape.

tina said...

Kudos to your husband for moving those hoses around and keeping everything looking so good!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I'm back, thank goodness, missed everyone.

Love that Glory Bower, we had one plant that could really take a beating, frozen, heat, you name it. And it would rebloom year after year, in the green house.


Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Lavender Cottage said...

Your gardens are looking lush despite the heat.
I'd love to have polka dot plant grow as a perennial here.

Lola said...

Hi Darla,
Those sure are some good looking blooms. I've had the Polka Dot, Crown of Thorns & Hibiscus before.
My Crown of Thorns & a few other plants were stolen off my little front porch. Needless to say they were never found. One of the pots that had a Ficus Tree in it was so heavy it must have taken 2 people to carry it.
What some people won't do.
I would like a contact for you.

Southwest Cottage Designs said...

Oh how beautiful all your flowers are!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Darla, You do GREAT (as busy as you are) to get to as many blogs as you do... Life can be crazy this time of year when you have kids!!!!!!

Glad you can water your beautiful garden. I remember when we had a drought a few years ago for a LONG time... We watered and watered...

Right now--we are dry and in a heat wave... Hope it 'breaks' soon...

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

YOur garden is a showcase.Love all the varieties.

Larry said...

103 degrees!!! I guess that is why I don't live in the south as I think more than just my plants would wilt! Yours look great despite the difficult weather... Larry

Jessica said...

Beautiful as always...love the guara. I planted a few more this year and had 2 come back in the front garden. Yours are gorgeous. Mine NEVER look like that. =) Thank you for the tips on the seed planting. I may need a reminder in the winter when the time comes to seed. ha ha.

Happy Friday! J.

xinex said...

You have a gorgeous garden, Darla. I love your flowers!...Christine

Autumn Belle said...

I like your Mish Mash container. I'd like to do one like that too. It is already school holidays here since last week.

Darla said...

Lola, rusdar at hotmail dot com
Make sure you put something in the subject line that lets me know it's you... :)

Karen said...

Your garden is beautiful--such lovely blooms!

bakingbarb said...

Some amazing color on that scary thorny plant! Hadn't heard of it before, again amazing color.
My gaura has never achieved anything close to the size of yours and I usually lose the plants after a year or so.Your is beautiful!
The Shrimp plant is quite cool!

Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

Hey Darla,
It is hot and dry down here too...though I think you might have beat us in temp...They are working like crazy to try and get the melons up because they are turning yellow super quick.
I missed hand watering Wed night because of Sara's sleep study and about cried when we drove in Thursday morning, everything was wilted and sad.
Good luck with your watering also...Try and stay cool.

Blessings Kelsie

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Your beautiful flowers just make me sigh! What a joy to wake up to such a garden each morning. I agree, so glad the school year has come to a close. We were very ready for our summer break. Enjoy all your summer activities! Isn't it funny how summer is often seems as busy as the school year with VBS, etc? :)

Anonymous said...

You have some pretty flowers in bloom. Still waiting on mine to come up here in Ohio.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Lots of beautiful plants in the garden. V

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It sure doesn't look like it's been that hot in your garden, everything looks fresh and lush. We are finally going to hit the mid 70's this weekend. We've had tons of rain this week and I'm sure looking forward to it being warm.
I know the end of the school year gets so busy. Just when you think it can't get any busier during the rest of the school year, it does. I know you'll love having your kids home. We still have 3 weeks of school left.

Icy BC said...

You have wonderful blooms! Our school is winding down too and pretty soon I'll hear the sad song "I'm bored...."

Val said...

I think you do great visiting! I just cannot keep up this time of year. Love all of your plants as always! We are in Daytona now on vacation! Weather is beautiful. Oh and I did not put those plants together that you asked about. I purchased it that way. I am not that smart.(LoL)

Marydon said...

Whoa! You have some beauties there, Darla. Don't you just love rescuing plants ... I love the trash bin @ Lowe's

Have a beautiful pink week ~

Dar said...

I'm always captivated by one thing or another with every single visit. This time it's that Crown of Thorns...sounds dangerous enough to stay away from yet, so beautiful. It should be called Adam's Apple! And that Shrimp Plant is cool. I have heard of them but have not seen one in bloom before. Way Cool! Your ICU Impatien is the same one I have. I just rescued a varigated sedum that I have to identify that was laying on the ground at the 'mida Greenhouse ground. So far, so good.
Great stuff as usual, Darla. And
With all the drought you've been having, and the heat, your plants look cool and comfortable.

Meems said...

That polka dot plant finds its way into cracks in the bricks even. I don't mind... I usually pull it out and add it to a potted plant. All you blooms are making me smile.

Twisted Fencepost said...

That shrimp plant still amazes me. I just love plants and flowers that are out of the ordinary.

Malar said...

I gues it's so hot there! Anyway your plants seems to be striving with beautiful bloom! I like your Gaura! Neve rseen it before!

Lola said...

Darla, I found a yellow shrimp plant & it followed me home. Now to find the red one. I must talk to my neighbor about the polka dot plant. I gave it to him some yrs back so now I need a cutting from him. lol

Fresh Garden said...

Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!

Julie said...

This is a beautiful shot of your Crown of Thorns!!! They are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Hello, again. I just saw on your header: Life began in a Garden, and here you are talking about switching garden hoses......I just thought I'd say how I have been thinking a lot the last few years how it was/might have been in The Garden??? I think I read that before the firsts rains ever fell on the Earth that water sprang up from the ground and watered the Earth, and that Adam tended and not toiled the Garden......:) I just wonder sometimes how that must have been--No lugging garden hoses, no droughts, no hurricanes, no tornadoes, no heat waves, etc. :)------tending and not toiling.....:) I just like to wonder sometimes......Anyway, thanks again for all the lovely pictures and information, especially for beginners like me. :) Robyn, Alabama (Gidget)

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Oh to have the wonderful variety of plants that you have in your garden! One day...but it's going to take a while. Just beautiful!
Maura :)

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