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Friday, March 4, 2011

FF-- A Couple of New Kids In The Garden

Well fellow gardeners, so far so good on Old Man Winter backing off for several weeks. My fingers, toes and everything else are crossed in hopes if he does return, it will be brief and his tracks light.

Stop by http://tootsietime.blogspot.com and see what stage gardens from all over the world are in. Thanks Tootsie!
The sun has been so bright here, the lighting in the photos? not so great..

Hey Grace, over at http://www.gracepete.com the Lupine is having a growth spurt.
New purchase: Grace Ward Lithodora-Carrasquilla azul Grace Ward-Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Ward'.... dadgum, how many names does she need? The tag reads: Trailing Perennial, morning sunlight only, semi-moist, bloom time early spring, medium growth rate, 6" x 12", cold hardiness: -10 to -20..
Brilliant blue flowers in early spring, can be used as a groundcover, lovely spilling over walls, excellent for rock gardens.
New purchase: Georgia Blue Speedwell, Veronica peduncularis "Georgia Blue' . The tag reads: Trailing perennial, full sun, semi-moist, fast growth rate, 12" x 12", cold hardiness -20 to -30
I have been hanging onto this bottomless container for over a year now. I loosened the soil on the ground, placed the container over that soil and planted the Speedwell inside...it just looks like it's in the container, well, I mean it is, it just can't be picked up and moved so easily.
My husband and I both rescued plants through the winter...we have quite a few Petunias and so far they are all red...here is one pail of them.
The Calibrachoa is filling in nicely.
This ice plant stayed outside in my garden mailbox all winter...I just new it was a goner. I started giving it a little water and shabaam! It's greening up.
Here is my Creeping Jenny Chair, Jenny will cascade over the sides of the chair making a skirt like display while the Dracaena Spikes add a little interest with height and the Clematis Vine fills out the back rest.
New Purchase: Cuphea llavea "Vienco", the tag reads: Sun or part sun, moist well drained soil, blooms late spring through fall, 12" tall...haven't you heard this called, Bat Face?
I paired it with yellow Petunias, Dracaena Spiky and Blue Fescue...should make an interesting combination in the months to come.
I hope your Friday is fun-filled!
Today I am thankful for, actually right now, I can't choose just one thing. I am thankful for A LOT of things this morning.


NanaK said...

You have some gorgeous containers. Both the containers themselves and the combos planted within them. I'm taking notes.

Dani said...

Looking great Darla!

Leslie said...

I love all the container plantings and look forward to another shot once they're really spilling over with color and joy... Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

Teresa said...

Hi Darla,
I Love that blue planter! I have ice plant too, it is really tough. I have it near my front door with no protection, and it has survived snow on 2 seperate occasions here in Ga. One of my fav. plants.

your blooms are gorgeous!

Deb said...

Darla your flower are beautiful..how the greenhouse??

Val said...

Love that last container. Is that the "bats face"? Love that. Love it all. Thanks for visiting the baby shower and leaving sweet comments.

Heather at Dusty Bay said...

That Speedwell looks great in the container - I just love spillers!

Joani said...

Awesome. Luv the surprises that water can do. Hugs.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Look at all those plants gearing up for the season. So pretty.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Everything looks gorgeous!! It's Spring! It's Spring!! LOL
Have a great weekend!

George said...

Your garden is beautiful. I hope we will soon be seeing some color in our yard. So far March has been nice -- I just hope it continues to be.

Patsy said...

What a great day for you, we have things coming on up, I was so surprise to see my Stella de Oro's up about 2 in.

~~Rhonda said...

Darla, I read through a few of your previous posts and am amazed at how much color you have in your garden already. Of course, you are a few zones warmer than our garden. We'll catch up in a few weeks! :) Your containers are beautiful. I'd love to give the chair idea a try. I have some variegated vinca that I think would work well. I've never kept many container plants as I'm not good at keeping them watered, but I could put that by the kitchen door and water it when we water the geraniums we keep on the back step. It's a cute idea! Thanks so much for sharing your garden pics! ~~Rhonda :)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

You can never go wrong with blue flowers . LOL! I adore them all. I just love the speedwell in the container. The plate behind it just makes it such a pretty display.Your Orchid Mist verbena is a pretty one too.

Lisa said...

Beautiful flowers and so much color. I love it!

Susan said...

Looks like all your plants are enjoying the warm weather of spring,too.

Deborah Jean said...

Beautiful! You must be enjoying your flowers tremendously! Love the creative containers you featured today!
Dandelion Wishes,

Lois said...

Everything looks so pretty Darla! Nice to see you last night. I probably would have given you those kids if I had seen you inside--they were really wound up! I had them all by myself for the night since my daughter went out of town yesterday. Their daddy comes home tonight so I plan on getting some rest!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh your creeping Jenny chair has stolen my heart -- you MUST take pictures of it when it's in all its glory. What a fabulous garden idea!
Here in New Jersey, things are slowly, slowly emerging from our very cold and snowy winter, but the shoots are poking through and the buds are swelling . . . so it won't be long now!
I love how your ice plant has revived itself. Courage!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Friend, That last combo pot is wonderful. I thought you said that you couldn't do a good job with combination potted plants.. That is WONDERFUL....

Have a good weekend.

Dorothy said...

You have lots of beautiful flowers already!!! Love those blues! I feel like you do when I start to single out one thing to be thankful for, there are so many I can't decide on just one!!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It looks like summer there! Everything looks so pretty! I had a Lithodora at one time, I think I need a new one. It's such a tough plant and such pretty flowers.

Paula said...

Your blooms are pretty much amazing! Thanks for warming my heart today! Paula in Idaho

Julie said...

Bat Face is really different, and beautiful! All your pretties are so nice...good combinations too, Darla!!!

Julie said...

Bat Face is really different, and beautiful! All your pretties are so nice...good combinations too, Darla!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Darla Dear, Yay! I'm so glad the Lupine is growing. All your flowers look really great and the sunshine behind them has me just itching for spring.

Autumn Belle said...

The petunias are so sweet and lovely, so very different from Harry Porter's Aunt Petunia. My petunias won't last long, only a few months. The combo in the last picture is very stylish and it looks like a beautiful bouquet.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

How nice to be playing in the dirt already! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and BGB article!

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Darla
I always enjoy visiting your blog because I know I will see eye candy from the garden! Your flowers are so pretty, as always!
Hugs, Ann

sweetbay said...

I love that pale pink verbena. I thought it was a primrose at first.

You asked about the iris ~ I divide them every 3-5 years, or when I notice they're too crowded and not blooming anymore. They can be out of the ground for months if kept in dry shade. I usually cut the leaves back when replanting so they won't blow over since they have to be planted so shallowly.

Tamara Jansen said...

You are so LUCKY to already have some green outdoors! Happy gardening!

Anonymous said...

You have made some beautiful combinations this spring Darla. Hope you are having a nice weekend. :)

Val said...

Hey Darla, I posted my tulip tree (remember, you are the one that told me last year what it was) last night on my blog and there is a comment asking if they would grow in Florida. Do you know that answer??? Love ya!

scottweberpdx said...

Everything looks great...especially that "Bat-Face"...hilarious!

Ann Nichols said...

Gorgeous! I so admire gardeners! It is a real talent to have such a green thumb. Beautiful site! So glad to have found you!
Blessings for a lovely Sunday!

Rebecca said...

I'm so dang jealous!

Hopefully the snow will melt completely and I can begin to rake off the winter debris.

teresa said...

I am so envious of all your plants. we are watching another 6 to 10 inches of snow fall tonight after all day rain yesterday. bleah! ready for spring. your flowers warmed up my snowy night. thanks

Nikkigftq said...

Darla your flower are beautiful..how the greenhouse??

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