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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cottage Flora Thursday and FF

I didn't venture (limp) far from the house. I did however find a few blooms to share this week.
Just starting to bloom, Angelonia is containerized with Spiky Dracaena.
My dinner (saucer) plate Dahlias are still blooming.

Double Althea--Rose of Sharon is blooming again. I thought it had finished for the season.

Jacobina --Plume Flower blooms on and off all season.

Takes Chives several years to become established enough to bloom. These are Common Chives.

Love to brush up against them and stir their fragrance in the air.

Bad light for this photo...hope you can see that it's a white Butterfly Bush...the one I rooted over a year and a half ago, planting it when it was just barely 6 inches tall. It's catching the pink Crape Myrtle which is about 10 feet tall.

Linking up with http://fishtailcottage.blogspot.com for today and FF at http://tootsietime.blogspot.com for tomorrow. Drop by these links and see how others are gardening in the heat.


Today I am Thankful for A/C.


Jessica said...

Lol...Darla..your comment did help...you crack me up. Beautiful garden photos~~ You have the prettiest and most unique flowers. I've just been trying to keep mine alive. With our drought and heat advisories it's been difficult. I'm thankful for a/c too!! =)

Karen said...

Darla, so sorry to hear about your knee and hip pain. Gardening is indeed an endurance sport at times (though you know how my MD feels about it, lol) I'm thankful you have a doctor you can trust which will make a big difference in recovery. This has to be so difficult for you being as athletic as you have always been, so I pray the medical field can provide you with relief.

Your flowers are wonderful, as always...I just planted angelonia from seed this year and was pleasantly surprised. Mine only reached about 6" in height though, which I'm sure is shorter than the norm. I've never grown it before.

Take care, Darla.

Skeeter said...

This heat and no rain is keeping me on my toes girl. I planted lots of Angelonia with bargain finds this year! Love the stuff as it thrives in the heat. i wish it would reseed as it is pricy in the garden centers. Thank goodness for my water sprinklers keeping everything going...

Lola said...

Lovely garden pics. I too like to brush against chives, common or garlic. So nice.
Your rooted plant sure is doing good. Very pretty.
Do take care of your health.

FlowerLady said...

Wonderful blooms Darla. I really like the Angelonia. Those plate size dahlias are something else too.

Hope you are feeling better soon.


imac said...

Your garden Darla is a Heavenly special spot on this Planet.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gorgeous, Darla... The Dahlias are gorgeous...

Thanks for my birthday wishes.

Grace said...

Hi Darla Dear, Your blooms are so sweet and special. I love all of them. It must feel great to have the butterfly bush grow so big from just a wee baby. I'm sorry you're still not up and around as much as you'd like to be. My prayers are with you. More later...

Ami said...

I envy your dinner-plate dahlias! Beautiful! I have three colors of Angelonia, white, pink and purple, seems the white one performs the best in my garden. Love them, and had to trim them a lot to contain them in my area.

Lona said...

Your Butterfly bush has really grown up.I love your Double Rose of Sharon. It has the prettiest petals. I have never saw a real Jacobina up here but I really like the blooms of yours. I wonder if anyone in the northern states keeps them indoors in the winter.
You get well now. Hugs.

daisy said...

That dahlia is amazing!

Patsy said...

I love that double rose of sharon.
Hope you are some better today.

Becca's Dirt said...

Love love the dahlia and the rose of sharon is pretty as well. The Jacobina is stunning. I know all about those swollen knees Darla. I know the 'pose' you speak of - been there done that.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Hoping your feeling better...pain is no fun.
My Mom had a Jacobina, she always called it a Shrimp Plant, LOL.I had forgotten all about it until your post. Your Dahlia is gorgeous, as is the rest of your garden.
Thanks for the memory and keep cool!

Lois said...

Gosh Darla, I do hope you start feeling better soon! This heat is certainly unbearable isn't it?

deborah said...

beautiful blooms! my garden continues to thrive in spite of my neglect! it has been soooo hot and humid here! i love the plum flower! i have grown it here as an annual.

Susan said...

Hey Darla...I'm impressed with your dahlia. Didn't think they would like the heat. The angelonia is a new favorite of mine. It does well in the heat and cold.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Lots of great blooms for this time of year! The Dahlia is really stunning.

Shelley said...

Looking at your beautiful flowers is a great way to relax and enjoy beauty - sigh!! By the way - what is that moth/butterfly/ called in your header?? Can't think of the name - but a beautiful shot. I want one of those bugs - i mean moth - I mean butterfly. :-)

George said...

I really like that dinner plate dahlia. It's beautiful.

Terra said...

I love your garden and your flower photos.

Bernie said...

Your Butterfly Bush is amazing ... so much growth in such a short time. Love that Dahlia and Rose of Sharon. Hope that heat breaks soon.

Sandy said...

I sure hope your pain has eased a bit.. getting out in the garden seems to help take your mind off it for a bit.. your blooms are wonderful...
My garden has been soaked from our daily rain storms and horrible heat... they are not happy at all...
take care

Beth said...

Darla, I love to visit you. You always have some unusual plants to show. The Jacobina is lovely as is your double althea and dahlia. I love that grocery store rose you showed. It looks like a perfect florist's Valentine Day rose! I hope you get better soon, Darla.
Blessings, Beth

Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I planted angelonia in a pot and its about the only thing thriving in this heat. I had forgotten about jacobina, its not seen very often around here but it does bloom a lot and lives through our winters.

I'm your newest follower and would love for you to follow me.
Have a great day and feel better!!!

Heather said...

Everything looks just lovely Darla! Take care and keep cool...

tina said...

You have some really good combinations. I adore that angelonia with the draceana and the chives with the yucca?

Dirt Princess said...

You have all of my faves blooming in your garden right now!!!! Dahlia, justicia...beautiful! Have a great weekend

Rosie said...

I'm going to have to try some Angelonia. Your Dahlia is to die for! I hope you get to feeling better real soon.

My Little Home and Garden said...

Darla, I love the Jacobina (don't think I've seen that before) and the dahlia. Also, the photo at the top of your blog is stunning! -Karen

Val said...

Oh I love your dahlia!!! Love that color. Do you remove your blooms when they start wilting and turn brown? I have 2 plants and they are yellow! I sure hope you feel better soon. I have never heard of that diagnosis!

Rebecca said...

All your flowers are beautiful-mine don't look so good right now-the heat and no rain. Even though I'm watering-still the heat! Anyway-loved seeing those close-up pics!

Val said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on my home. See why we don't need this big space? And also thanks for the dahlia info!

NanaK said...

Your container combo w/ the angelonia is perfect. So full and balanced.
My dahlia from last Mother's Day didn't make it back this spring:( Yours is gorgeous. Don't limp around too much. Hope you heal soon.

My garden haven said...

I've always wanted dahlias in my garden, but the climate does not permit. Yours is fabulous.
Take care and don't do anything to aggravate the knee problem.

Teresa said...

Hey Girl!!
That jacobina is to-die-for!! Gorgeous blooms as always! Yeah, I'm thankful for A/C today, too!

Jennifer@threedogsinagraden said...

Hi Darla,
Such a nice array of flowers. Like many others my favourite has to be the dinner plate dahlia. It is very beautiful!

Gail said...

Hey Darla, I haven't ventured out except early AM to walk in the park~it's hot and humid and the mosquitoes are mean! I would venture out to see your garden...Especially the dahlia~It's lovely. gail

Lola said...

Hi Darla,
Just popping in to say "Hi" & hoping you are feeling much better.
My dahlia is blooming. A pretty reddish. I sure hope it survives for another yr. of those lovely blooms.

Tootsie said...

It does my heart good to tour around the gardens that are linked into my little party...I so wish every one of the people who share lived close enough that I could walk the gardens in person. Thank you so much for sharing with me this week...I hope you will again very soon!
Hugs and smiles from Alberta Canada to you!
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

MulchMaid said...

That Jacobina is a fascinating flower!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Love that Rose-of-Sharon! One of these day I'm gonna have one of those here on the farm. My Grandmother had one of those and it reminds me of her, each time I see one.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hey, Dear,
I didn't read the comments here, either, this time, to see if anyone told you those chives are garlic chives. I would not let it go to seed, unless you want it all over the place. It is one of those plants that does not stay pulled out. I learned the hard way, and one thing about moving from our last place that I considered good was getting away from the garlic chives. It took me awhile to try growing them again in a couple pots, but I have been able to keep up with cutting them back so they can't go to seed. I do like to use them for cooking.

I like that plume flower and your dahlias.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

When I said that it took me awhile to try to grow garlic chives again, I meant that it took awhile before I had the nerve to. Common chives have bluish purple flowers, and bloom in the spring. Garlic chives have white blooms later in the summer. I think mine may be in bud.

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