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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...You Tell The Story--Give-A-Way

The story that comes closest to what is happening in these photos wins the give-a-way. Gift (s) not yet determined but will be garden related. Winner will be announced Monday morning April 4th.


Today I am Thankful that a 15 year old with a heart like this lives in our home.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Iris and Clematis

The Irises are beginning to bloom.

Dutch Iris

Can you smell the rootbeer scent?
It's not all the way open yet.
A gold colored Iris.

Ignore the neighbors home in the background.

The last of the rescued Clematis has opened and I am so pleased it's solid purple.
Front of the chair--
back of the chair.
If you know the names of the Irises or this Clematis please share.


Today I am Thankful for the color that is showing up in my gardens.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cottage Flora Thursday

I am linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday over at http://fishtailcottage.blogspot.com .
We returned home last evening from our mini vacation and boy howdy was it needed. This time of the year is amazing to me in the gardens, things seem to change over night and two or three days there is a vast difference.
A tiny corner of the big sun garden.
Larkspur is setting buds.
This area should be full of Verbena soon.
One thing is for sure about rescuing plants. You never know what color the blooms will be. I find it exciting although sometimes placement of the colors may clash...but hey, it's my garden!
Salvia Hot Lips is happy.
Container combos

I have been waiting to finally see a double bloom on my Morning Glory...the first three blooms were singles and I was not feeling it...feeling it now though.
Just look Gail at http://clayandlimestone.blogspot.com
the PPPP is doing you proud!
I can't say I have ever seen Lavender bloom quite like this.
Some of the Clematis Vines...please do not inquire about their names...heck if I remember, some were rescued for a buck a piece so I really didn't care.
2. This is Nelly, I know that.
3. Rescued
4. Rescued and growing happily in a Pink Dogwood
5. Name tag read Ms. Bateman, growing happily in a Crape Myrtle Tree.
Those are the two Loros that stay adorned in burgandy clothes year round.

I still have two more Clematis Vines that are just about to bloom...I may be able to find more blooms to link with Tootsie tomorrow for FF.


Today I am Thankful for the safe and fun mini vacation I enjoyed with my husband.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Spring and Random Things!

I do hope everyone is having a wonderful start to Spring 2011.. The season where gardens can change overnight, don't blink!

A photo of my only son, just because I think he's handsome.
This Loro I don't picture often, she has a bad haircut we are trying to let it grow out. Her clothes stay mainly green until late winter and then she changes into this brilliant burgandy outfit, unlike her cousins in the roadside garden, they like to adorn themselves in burgandy year round.
We still have a few Daffs blooming.
Ah, very soon we will be taking turns inhaling the sweet scent of Rootbeer~~~
Southern Garden staple...Azalea
Here we go again asking for help on a plant ID...(thanks for the ID on the neighbor's shrub Tina and everyone else) this small tree grows wild in our backwoods..

What do you think?
I won a giveaway over at http://tootsietime.blogspot.com/ she always sends the coolest gifts...
I love all of these, my favorite? See that little round green tin with the white flower? That is some type of hand cream for gardeners and I mean it does the job! My knuckles, thumbs and index fingers were so cracked and dry they were hanging on different types of fabric...you know what I'm talking about. A common problem with gardener's hands. Can't tell you how many different lotions and hand creams I have tried that only soothe them temporarily. This one not only soothes upon application, it also heals the problem areas. So, Tootsie, where can I get more of it? SERIOUSLY!
I really like the gloves too! Thank you.. :)

I'll be away from the computer for a couple of days. See ya later.


Today I am Thankful for vacations, even the short ones.

Friday, March 18, 2011

FF -- Plant ID Please and The Birthday Boy...

It's time to show off what's happening in your gardens...drop by http://tootsietime.blogspot.com/ to see more...and Tootsie has some neat containers she is sharing today.
On my drive coming back from taking one of the girls to school I spotted this white Wisteria growing in some Crape Myrtle Trees...I have a white Wisteria but has never bloomed.....yet!
Just roll down your car windows and the perfume is intoxicating.....love it!
A few sights from my gardens.....Verbena
Focusing on the pink mounds. When you stand in the path the fragrance just dances on the breeze.
Phlox Subulata
She has outgrown the size indicated on the plant tag....fine by me. Yep, that's a 12 inch ruler.
Ah, the first Clematis bloom of 2011.
One of our dear neighbors, long time gardener, stopped by yesterday and asked if I could please find out what this shrub is that grows in his yard. He said is grows similar to a Spirea but a little more leggy.
It's a pretty little thing. So, me being the gardener that I am, made fresh cuts in the stem, dipped it in some rooting hormone and placed it in some soil, just to see. Do you know this plant?
My Dad was born 76 years ago yesterday...weighing in at a whoping 2lbs. His crib was a dresser drawer and they carried him around in a shoe box. The odds of him living very long were not in his favor. Must be something to that Irish Luck!


Today I am Thankful for the perfume that God sprayed on the flowers.

My neighbors, for sharing their gardening knowledge and questions.

And I Praise God for the favor on my Dad's life.

(and Springbreak starts today for the schools!!)