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Thursday, July 15, 2010

GBBD--Just a Few

It's time for GBBD over at http://maydreamsgardens.blogspot.com drop by and see what gardeners have blooming this 15th of July. Thanks for hosting this monthy meme Carol.

Please, someone tell me the difference between Datura, Angel Trumpet and/or Brugmansia.

This is the seed that was labeled White Angel Trumpet Vine. Although the majority of you have decided that this is not a vine but Datura. I somewhat agreed until I saw it doing....
this. Maybe it's just a sprawiling bush and needs a bigger area. Tom's over at http://seventhstreetcottage.blogspot.com is just huge.
I sure am enjoying the pure white blooms.
This was a cutting from a friend and I believe is called Brugmansia...Angel Trumpet Tree...?
It makes me smile too!
A volunteer Zinnia
This is one plant. Isn't she pretty?
Marigold and Narrow leaf Zinnia.

I had to save some blooms and plants for FF over at Tootsie's tomorrow...

Thank you everyone who took the time to visit Gina and leave an encouraging comment. This has to be a very difficult time for her and her family.


Today I am Thankful that I am even closer to full range of motion with my arm. Off to Physical Therapy this morning.


Susie said...

I call Datura and Brugsmansia both Angel Trumpets. Datura's blooms stick upward and Brugsmansia's hang down. Also, Datura's seed pods are prickly and Brugsmansia's are smooth.

Hope that helps some.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning Darla. Whatever they are they are certainly beautiful. I've wanted one for a long time but our severe weather here would mean trying to keep it alive over the long winter months.

Dorothy said...

Wonderful collection of flowers! That pink Angel Trumpet is a beauty! Glad you are getting therapy for that elbow!

tina said...

Your night blooming jimsonweed, also called moonflower is actually a datura. A Datura stramonium. The angel trumpets are Brugmansia, not datura, although the two are very closely related and many folks use the terms interchangeably. For most folks it is not a big deal about the names. Probably your brugs are Brugmansia versicolor. I grow them both. The night blooming jimsonweed will self seed so look for seedlings late next spring. The seed pod is a spiky globe that has millions of seedlings. In my garden they don't all sprout so I am happy to have a few. I think there are like 3 plants out there right now in various gardens. This is a plant my dear friend gave me and I've been grateful ever since. It is such a stunner at night when it blooms and smells so good! I like it probably better than the angel trumpets. Hope this helps.

Lanny said...

I picked up four different brug babies back in June of '08. Since I live up in wet chillville I took them in that fall and even propagated a few, I lost one color - can't seem to remember what it was and now my little family has grown. Dr. Suess, yellowish and a white unnamed and an unnamed peach. I love them, and hate them all at the same time. Because mine have to be in pots so I can bring them in, last year they slurpped water sometimes three times a day and so that means they slurpped fert nearly every day. I'm a bit behind taking care of them this year but it is on my radar this week. Some are blooming in spite of the crudy weather and being stuck in a very small pot. I just wish I didn't have to wait until eleven at night to get a snoot full of their perfume! - whew I talk a lot.

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

The look great! Since others have already mentioned the differences I'll just sit back and enjoy the post! ;) I'm a big fan of zinnias!

Skeeter said...

I just call them pretty! Tina gave me some of the seed to her moonflower and it bloomed one year for me but did not return. I was sad it did not return as it was an awesome plant with large blooms. Blooms did not last long but so pretty while here...

The Monarch butterflies with your children are wonderful! I am seeing lots of fluttering activity out my window as I type today. The butterflies are in full force in my yard right now. They just love the Butterfly bushes dont they?

I have enjoyed strolling around your gardens today and thankful to be able to sit and enjoy others garden, finally, a chance to visit....

NellJean said...

The obvious difference is appearance. Datura or Devil's Trumpet blooms face upward. Angel Trumpets hang down and face toward the earth. Oh, Susie already said that.

My experience is that Datura can take more drought than Brugs.

One more thing: there are no purple Brugs. Purple Daturas are boo'ful.

Tufa Girl said...

Horticulturist in their spare time like to change the names around to keep us guessing. The best description is the bloom facing up is datura, down is brugmansia. Both are poisonous. Not that the kids will be gnawing on the bushes... I like to call the brugmansia "Wedding Bells".

bennie and patsy said...

It looks like I am going to have two big Apple gourds. This fall when they dry out I will save you some seeds. They have been fun to watch .

Dar said...

Last year was my first honor to get a datura, Moonflower, is what the greenhouse stake said, to bloom. It was like your white one, facing upward and smiling with its long lasting bloom until it got pounded by the rain. The seedhead had 257 seeds inside of its spiky globe. Yours are so beautiful. The seeds I started this year did not germinate. I am so jealous. Love them both.

noel said...


i love your photos of your beautiful flowers especially your brug, its beautiful

thanks for sharing your blooms today.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Brugmanzia and Datura is the same thing. I grow white ones and blue ones. Many people do not like them as they are considered poinsonous. I am not going to eat them. I have a large brugmansia that is peach coloured and lives in a container that I store in the basement over winter. It has an amazing fragrance.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Darla, Glad your arm is doing so well... I'm proud of you!!!

Love your flowers... The Zinnias are fabulous this year, aren't they?


Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

I'm not really sure Darla - I was just about to write what Susie was going to say about one pointing up and one pointing down. They really have such lovely blooms - are yours left in the garden all winter?

George said...

I'm very impressed with your volunteer zinnia, but all of your flowers are beautiful.
I'm glad to hear that the arm is getting better.

imac said...

Good luck with the Physio Darla,
Hup two three,,,,,

Leedra said...

The two different types of Angel Trumpets are so different it is sort of confusing that they both have the same common name. We have had the datura for years. Wish I had the other type, but not hardy enough for us here.

Rose said...

Darla, I'm no expert on any of these plants, but I do know the tall one is called Brugmansia, because we have one in the MG Idea Garden here...and it's labelled:) It's really a showstopper.

Thank you for sharing Gina's link; I saw this on someone else's blog, but it didn't have a link. My heart goes out to her.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I think you've gotten your answers. LOL. Just keep in mind, what you see in that picture I took last night is really a few dozen plants. I just tossed out seeds in March and let things take their course. I'll try to get a photo in the morning so you can see the whole bed before the flowers wilt.

Jake said...

Beautiful blooms! I also saw in another one of your post the Lord Baltimore Hibiscus. I have been seeing these plants blooming up here in Lexington that are older and they are a real treat.

Gail said...

My dear, It's been forever since I've been able to visit, but it's good to see your beautiful garden. I don't grow either plants, so can't tell you the difference. I was so sorry to read of your friends tragic loss~ xxgail

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Darla: I miss my Datura from last year, your looks just beautiful.

Twisted Fencepost said...

I love that angel trumpet tree!
I have several plants trying to take over my garden, mostly the pumpkins. I think next year they'll have a garden of their own.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Darla,
I see you got your question answered, but some of the confusion is that there is a moonflower, datura, and a moonflower vine, which is Ipomoea alba. Here is a link to Dave's Garden, where he has a file on it.

What you have is datura, because the leaves do not look like the leaves of the moonflower vine. Mine get sprawly,too, and I cut them back to keep them in check.

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