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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday and Let the Sunshine IN!

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Purslane also called the Dolly Parton Flower because it blooms from 9 to 5.
Ragin' Cajun Ruellia is very easy to root.
Mezoo 'Trailing Red'
An abundance of Grapefruit...

Part of the full sun garden
Mimosa strigulosa 'Sunshine'--Sensitive Plant
I purchased some of these Zinnias at the beginning of Spring. These I grew this year from seed collected from the original plant.
Moss Rose
Peppermint Verbena
Click to enlarge to see the Cow Ant. Do ya'll have these Ants?
Determined to get more sun so we can be successful Vegetable Gardeners.

Our vegetable garden area is to the right of this photo. That's one side of our home in the back of the photo.

Have a wonderful Tuesday~~~~


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Darla: Fun post with some neat flowers I didn't know you had. That ant was really big, you can keep them. You do need light to get vegetables.

Twisted Fencepost said...

I hate it that you had to take out a tree. It's a shame there wasn't a more suitable place for the garden without taking down a tree. And no, we don't have those ants. But we have plenty of those pesky biting red ants. I can't go outside without getting bit atleast once. I HATE those things!

Jamie and Randy said...

That's handy equipment to have around! The flowers are beautiful too Darla. As for the tree, I think it’s a fair trade off to get some nice fresh, healthy veggies in the house. There certainly doesn’t appear to be a shortage of them around your place!--Randy

Valerie said...

What we do to grow veges. but it is so worth it. I am moving mine up a little in the field next year to get more light.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Hi Darla. You're the winner of my 100th Post Giveaway. Check out my blog to see your prize and contact me via email to give me your name and address. Congratulations! And thanks for the great entry!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Darla, I like the mezoo, both the leaves and the blooms.

It must be wonderful to grow your own citrus fruit. I'd love that.
Good luck with your new vegetable garden.

Prospero said...

That's some serious remodeling!

Darla said...

Okay Becky...it would bother me more to cut down trees IF we didn't plant so many more than we cut...(smarty pants)

Dawn said...

I always cringe when I need to take out a tree, you all did it the quick way! And to benefit veggies, can't go wrong!

MissyM said...

I've never heard purslane called the Dolly flower...that's funny.
Wayne bought a Ragin Cajun this year. It has bloomed non stop. Good to know it is easy to root.
I like that peppermint verbena.

Dorothy said...

Beautiful and interesting flowers that I've never heard of. Those veggie gardens have to have sun! Yes, we see those red "cow ants" sometimes.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Oh my gosh! I'M SO SORRY!
I didn't mean to come across that way!!!
Please forgive me!!
Guess I should have worded it differently.
Delete my comment if you like. I REALLY DID NOT mean to be critical. I know there are times when a tree must go.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Darla, I hate to see trees being cut down--but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. Right??? We have had to trim alot of trees here --trying to get more sun for the roses.

Oh--grapefruit!!!! YUM---are they good when they get ripe? Do you eat alot of them???? I remember having an orange tree when we lived in FL (in the '70's).. YUMMMMMMM!!!!

Your flowers are gorgeous--as usual.

Dirt Princess said...

Cow ants HURT when they bite! Ewww! I can't get over all the grapefruits you have! Are you enjoying this weather!

Deb said...

Wow! Definitely some new plants to me that I've never heard of! I right away looked to see where you live.--I guess Florida has quite the variety! They're all beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I guess the tree had to go. I like your flower pics. Nope. Don't have that kind of ant.

Carla said...

I have never heard purslane called Dolly Parton flower before lol; this ruellia isn't hardy here-but I am tempted; never heard this called mezoo-I like that name;
Did you start the sensitive plant from seed? I have some to try;
Love this color verbena;
We have these ants, but your photo really doesn't show how BIG they are:)
Too cool on taking the tree out, you must share your garden layout (or have you and I missed it?)
Have a great Tuesday!

blushing rose said...

Love your pics. I hate taking out trees, also, but every now & then ...

ANT PROBLEMS use TERRO inside & out. The ants carry it back to the nest & it kills the entire nest of ants. Best thing on the market.

TTFN ~Marydon

Sue said...

LOVE the grapefruit tree, and I've never, ever seen an ant like that in my life!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Darla~~ I'm still having trouble getting your blog on my faves so I have make a mental note to click you on the sidebar thingie. I see what you mean now about the plant ID. Thank you. I get what you meant by your comment. You know what this means don't you? It's a confirmation that great minds think alike. LOL We both have impeccable plant tastes. BTW, my Celosia plants coming right along. The plumes are getting there but still relatively small compared to yours. Thankfully we have summer here until the end of September [knock on wood]. Still plenty of time for the plants to strut their stuff. A photo will be forthcoming and I am planning to let at least one plant go to seed. I think they'll bloom earlier next year if I just let them germinate in the soil.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Wow, Darla, your grapefruit tree is loaded! I love the airy pink blooms of your Sensitive plant. Do you have many fire ants around your house? When I was on vacation near Tampa I got ate up and the bites became infected. Nasty little things.

Jean said...

Beautiful blooms as always. Great picture of the sensitive plant. Haven't seen that before. Thank goodness we don't have that ant!

Susie said...

I have seen those ants somewhere but thankfully not here.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I don't think I've ever seen grapefruits on a tree before, looks like you'll have lots.
We don't have those ants here either.
Hope you have enough sun for your veggies next year. I have a large pine I'd love to get rid of to get more sun.

Lois said...

I see those ants in my yard every once in awhile and I don't like them! Oh and yes I am having fun taking my grandson to school. He loves it and can't wait to get there in the morning. I hope that lasts!

Tootsie said...

your garden is just so lovely today Darla!!! Now...how the heck can you go out to enjoy your garden with all the scary things you have there!!!! ?
I have no ants that look like that...no snakes, skinks..or whatever you called them...no deadly spiders...oh you are just the bravest. You really should brave the COLD...and move next door...the house right beside me is going up for sale possibly next month...I am sad...I really like that guy.
hope this finds you well. and that you have had a better week than I am having...too much to do. My 4 year old tripped on her own two feet...hit the floor face first...and broke her cute little nose yesterday on the way to hockey school....yes...it was one of THOSE days here! lol

Jake said...

I have never seen a white Moss Rose, I relly like it. Where did you get Ragin' Cajun Ruellia, I want one, btu haven't found it anywhere.


George said...

It looks as if you are going to be even busier in the garden with more sunlight in your vegetable garden. I'm very impressed with your impending grapefruit crop.

Racquel said...

Wow you have some gorgeous blooms and alot of stuff I've never grown. That Mimosa is interesting and I envy all those gorgeous grapefruits. Yum! ;)

Anonymous said...

To fell a tree with a big machine is --fast. I don't enough room around my house to knock the tree down like that. It would fall on someone's house.

I like the moss rose as we call it--never heard it called Dolly Parton-funny.

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