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Friday, March 26, 2010

Fertilizer Friday

It's Friday already! Drop by http://tootsietime.blogspot.com/ and see gardens springing to life all over...

Daff-Ice Follies
Violas and Pansies
Sedum in the wagon, Dusty Miller, Alyssum, Carnation Seedlings, African Daisy in the container front left, winter Pansies and Petunias and I have 7 Dahlia bulbs up...
The above photo is right beside this photo to the left looking down the full sun garden.
Dianthus, Sedums, Blue Fescue Grass, Irish Moss, Lavender, Nemesia Creeping Phlox, African Daisy, Thyme in the blue container, see all the green in front of the wooden barrell and to the left of it? That's Sheffield Pink Mums..
This photo is to the right of the walkway looking down. The same plants as the above photo...See the Rununculas in the back right in front of the Cornflowers? There is all kind of activity going on in this Full Sun Garden....
This is across the driveway close to the road and mailbox...Iris, Crocus, Alyssum, Petunia, Loropetulam and a Guara at the end. Oh Pansies around the Crepe and Clematis Vine on the Crepe or Crape?
These are the colors of Rununculas I have blooming now.

Narcissus--Double Erlicheer

Calendula-Apricot and Alyssum
I moved this Clematis about 4 weeks ago and man has it taken off!
Spring Blooming Creeping Phlox.
Foxglove-Camelot Lavender. Purchased

Foxglove started from seed Dec. 08..maybe it'll bloom this year...
Glads are springing up.
Look Tootise...Lavareta
Gail over at http://clayandlimestone.blogspot.com/ sent me some PPPP, it's doing great...she also sent a bonus with it...Gail what is this big leaf plant...I've been watching it since the PPPP arrived...is it Money Plant?
Blue Bedder Salvia not only returned it also reseeded everywhere.

This and so much more is happening around here...........what a wonderful time of the year!!


Today I am Thankful that the girls will be on Springbreak after today!! (gotta clean windows)


Evelyn Howard said...

Hi Darla
The garden is looking good. I love the Rununculas - the many layers makes them so dense and so beautiful.

Evelyn Howard said...

Hi Darla
Thanks for visiting my post. We are officially in Autumn :) - I love Autumn. Winter starts at mid-year, but no snow over here, so it's not too bad... just cold and long grey days. There won't be any sun on my balcony, due to the orientation of the building. My succulents will be fine but there won't be much growth. A couple more months - I am planning to enjoy Autumn :)
Have a nice weekend, Ev

Deb said...

your gardens are beautiful Darla...

Amy said...

I bet you enjoy walking along your path with all the pretty things growing and waking up for spring.
Spring cleaning...i need to do the same. It is just motivation that I am lacking and it is so pretty, I could just stay outside all day.

Gail said...

Darla, It's money plant and if you're lucky it might be white...although, I think the purple are just as fantastic. It's a biennial, so if it doesn't bloom let it be and next spring it will! I hope PPPP blooms for you~~gail

fairegarden said...

So summer like there, Darla, how wonderful it all is. Congrats on the dahlias! Those ranuns are incredible, love the white with the orange tips. And thanks for showing Ms. Doris garden, we always like seeing and hearing about her. Good deal on your beautiful weather. :-)

Susie said...

Hey girl, looks like everything is waking up your way. I'll be glad when my gardens start looking like yours. No, wait a minute...that won't ever happen! hehe!

tina said...

It is all doing so well and so much color. Beautiful. The bones of your garden look pretty good.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Darla. I'm so envious of all your blooms. I got a wagon last year and am wondering what to plant in it.

imac said...

Nice showing here Darla, just how large is your garden??
No urban decay is there???

Randy and Jamie said...

You sure do have an awful lot of color going on right now, Darla!--Randy

Lois said...

Gorgeous flowers Darla and yay for spring break!

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

Your Florida spring garden is coming along wonderfully. I like your double Erlicheer's! I planted Camelot Lavender foxglove last summer so am hoping it'll come up again this year. I have already noticed some of my Blue Bedder is coming back...even though it was marked 'annual'. I've had it come back some times, and other times it doesn't. It probably depends where in the garden it's planted (micro climate, etc).

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Your garden is really filling in quickly! It seems like this is the time of year everything seems to grow overnight. You've got so many pretty blooms, I'm loving the ranunculas!

Denise said...

I love the beds with mulch in them and lots of pathways, I'd like to do something like that in parts of our yard. I haven't mentioned yet but I did buy more veg to plant out :) Thanks for visiting.

Rosie@Journey to Charm said...

You must be down south, because my stuff isn't blooming like that yet. Woohoo, its coming this way! Your gardens are going to look so fabulous this summer!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Oh my Darla just look at your garden coming alive. So much going on already. I just love the first Ranunculas bloom. So pretty and also that Double Erlicheer is a beauty. Your beds all look so neat and I have yet to get mine re-mulched and worked up yet.
Soon now though. Happy FF.

Angel said...

Hi Darla, Wow! Your flowers are so pretty! I just love your Rununculas!Thanks for stopping by & visiting me! Have a great weekend!!

Tootsie said...

is that my lavatera seed???? I hope it does well for you! Your garden is looking sensational lady...I love the pots you share...you are so creative!
oh and I still want a wagon of my own...almost bought another bike yesterday...self control Toots...self control...lol
thanks for linking in...luv ya!

bennie and patsy said...

You are going to have a beautiful yard this summer. Glad I can watch it grow. I planted the hibiscus you sent.

Alison said...

So many pretty flowers! I just love that first ranunculus with the pink edge, and the maroonish freckles on the foxglove.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

ericat said...

What a delightful garden. I love lines that are not straight and you have many shapes and forms in between. This is garden will talk to you no matter your mood and you can walk through it many times and still find something you missed.

We are heading for winter, our flower season.

Lola said...

Great looking garden Darla. Yours seems to be much further along than mine. Warming up some now. So things should do good. I just need to get out there & see what damage I can do. lol

George said...

You certainly have many beautiful flowers to flaunt. I hope our garden will look this nice in a few weeks. Thanks for the tour of your garden.

Carol said...

Gosh you have so much happening in your garden Darla. Ranunculus! I love them! Your pansies are so sweet too. ;>)

Leedra said...

Your flowerbeds have changed so much. My pick today are the Rununculas. They are gorgeous.

Stevie from GardenTherapy.ca said...

wow - I love your Rununculas. Great photos and love your blog. Glad I stopped by for Fert. Fri.!

Valerie said...

It sure looks like spring there!!! Thank you for your sweet comments.

Cher' Shots said...

SPRING ~ even the word puts a bounce in your step! Our spring meant waking up to 7 degrees this morning, supposed to hit mid to high 60s next week. Can't wait to see your garden in the summer!

Dirt Princess said...

Love the ranuncluas! They are gorgeous! Again...one of those plants I love, but have never planted! Need to get some

sweet bay said...

I love the Violas and Ranunculas.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Can't wait 'til I say that there is so much going on up here. We still don't have much stpring---but when your temp is 34 (which it was this morning), the flowers are not going to bloom.... One of these days WE will have some color!!!!

Love the Foxglove. So pretty.

Paula said...

Your flowers are beautiful and you ahve such unique placement ideas - Love to visit your blog each week!
Paula in idaho

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Loving those Ranunculas.

They are such a great spring flower.\


Twisted Fencepost said...

Boy have you been busy. Looks great! Can't wait to see the same shots after the plants and flowers fill everything out.

Martha said...

I know this is your favorite time of year. Everything is looking good. Happy gardening! :-)

Deborah said...

Your garden is looking good. It's so nice to see everything waking up and starting to bloom and sprout.

Abraham said...

Beautiful layouts and gardens of flowers.

I have to ask, "Do you have a mulcher?"

I used to have one and used it to grind up limbs and then used that as mulch. Your mulch looks like some I used to make with the mulcher we got from Montgomery Ward.

Chandramouli S said...

Nice blog, Darla. I see the warmer climate has brought many beauties up and they look wonderful! Especially the Pansies look riotous and so are the Rununculas.

Grace Peterson said...

Hey Darla Darling~~ Gail is as generous as you are! I also have a healthy clump of PPPP. No bonus plant but who's complaining?

I'm wondering if the Ranunculus blooms all year for you or just in spring like it does for we cold folks. They are such fabulous flowers and the colors on yours are ooh la la.

These beds are really taking shape. Not a weed to be seen and such a healthy carpet of mulch.

Your complementary rock work is what initially drew my eye. It is a wonderful frame work for your plantings.

I hope the weather is decent this week while the girls are off.

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