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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Last Chance To Enter For "Busy" Bilbo ! !

After Bilbo's late night last night with hubby, I finally got him to wake up about 11 this morning..
Buckled him in the car and off we went to the nursery.
Bilbo is on the left of the wall..
He really didn't have much to say on this outing.
After some aspirin and a greasy hamburger for lunch he was ready to visit Ms. Doris three doors down.
Bilbo was so curious about all of Ms. Doris' birdhouses and wondered if he could live in one of them.

There always seems to be a girl that he thinks he's in love with. (this girl should see the way Bilbo treated the girl last night)

Like this Bear wasn't tired enough...Bilbo had to jump on his head..

Bilbo realized that even as small as he is he couldn't fit in any of the birdhouses. He found their view of the world quite interesting though.

I, for one am glad that today was a little less hectic with the very 'Busy' Bilbo.

Last chance to enter to have Bilbo visit your gardens. Will choose the next garden after church tomorrow.


Tootsie said...

girl....I want that brat to head to alberta sooooo bad!!! I might even figure out how to make him a crown! lol
enter me as many times as You can...do I need to put a million comments in here with one word each?? lol

Tootsie said...

did I mention to enter me?

Tootsie said...

in case you didn't get that...enter me please...

Tootsie said...

last time...I swear...
enter me...lol
I can't wait to see where he actually gets to go...but I can say that the Barbies are cleaning their condo right now just in case...lol

oh it is too funny....the last word verification was insist....this one is desperate! lol

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Do you think Tootsie wants Bilbo to visit her????? ha ha ha .... I'll give my vote to her.

Maybe Bilbo brought your Noles some bad luck today... Ya think????

Cute pictures of the little guy.

Tootsie said...

I forgot to say....thanks for entering me! hee hee?
does this get me another entry?

and the stupid word verification this time is hammerhed! hee hee....hammerhead! get it?

I think it's taunting me....you really need to get rid of that! seriously...you and April both! it always takes me forever to do them! it interferes with me harassing you guys...slows me down too much!

Tootsie said...

Listen to Betsy...she sounds very wise! lol

blushing rose said...

IF I win Bilbo, please seriously send him to Tootsie ... I truly want her to have him ... chuckle!

TY for sharing. Have a great weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

BilboWaggins said...

Good point about the postage Darla, that's why I only added the leaflets because I knew they would not weigh much and add to the postal cost.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd have to choose Tootsie if I was you Darla - I couldn't bear the tears if she doesn't get him. And if I know Bilbo he'll glow in the attention of someone that in love with him!

Sunweeds Secret Garden said...

I would love to offer to have Bilbo, but he might get homesick, He'd sure have some new experiences though.

Anonymous said...

That is some nice tickseed on each side of the Bilbo.

Teresa said...

Bilbo needs to visit me in Georgia... lets see if he can swim. The floods haven't reached me yet.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Whew, that Bilbo has really been busy at your place. I think Tootsie really wants to see Bilbo ;-) She is so cute.

Ashley said...

Very cute idea!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Darla: You are an entertaining genius, Bilbo had a ball.

Anonymous said...

You are funny and looks like he had a good time. Oh--I was just reading Tootsie's comment--she's funny too. Or maybe I'm out of my mind cause I'm sleep deprived from being at a Garden Writer's convention. Well--really am glad you got to visit with Bilbo and take him to see Ms. Doris. She's got pretty bird houses!

Tell Ms. Doris that I want her to see the new AARS winner. Seems like she would love that sort of thing.

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